Trump is looking for who “leaked” to the media unsolicited details of his telephone conversations

The white house is investigating how awkward details of the recent tense telephone conversations of President Donald trump with his colleagues from Australia and Mexico was leaked to the media. This was stated press Secretary of the White house Sean Spicer, said “UKRINFORM” with a link to the Reuters news Agency. “The President sees the leak of information very seriously,” the speaker said in an interview with one of the channels.

As reported, last Saturday, when US President Donald trump once talked to five leaders (Japan, Germany, Russia, France and Australia), in conversation with the Australian Prime Minister, he snapped and hung up. The details of this conversation, first published by The Washington Post, noting that disputes arose around the exchange agreement, the refugees reached with the Obama administration.

Before that, Donald trump spoke with the President of Mexico peña Nieto. The Mexican edition Aristegui Noticias and the American news Agency Associated Press published details about conflict of interest around the intentions of the American President to build a wall on the border between the two countries at the expense of the Mexicans.

“It’s troubling, and I think the President asked the team to investigate it, because the consequences are very serious,” is the reaction of the press Secretary the White house for leaking information to the media. While Sean Spicer described both conversations as “candid,” but with mutual respect, and agreed that it was some kind of dispute over the specific details with the leaders of Australia and Mexico.

As reported, on Sunday night on Kiev time of the planned conversation of the presidents of the United States Donald trump and Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. The white house has not spread any parts, except the scheduled time of the conversation.