Boeing announced massive reductions of coronavirus

The company will have to reduce the production of aircraft

Pandemic coronavirus continues to attack the global aviation industry. After it became known that the European low-cost airline cut wages and reduce staff, disturbing news came from the American Corporation Boeing.

As the head of Boeing David Calhoun, the Corporation will cut 10% of employees around the world. In his letter, Calhoun explained that the cuts are a necessary measure because of the negative impact of the pandemic, because Boeing will have to cut production of certain models of aircraft.

According to him, the production cuts will affect the aircraft of the 777 and 787 families. In addition, a slower pace will resume production of the 737 MAX, the operation of which was suspended after two aircraft accidents.

“The aviation industry will take several years to return to the volume of traffic that we saw just a few months ago. <…> We really tried to preserve jobs, avoid layoffs, despite the decommissioning of Boeing 737 MAX. But production cuts and the ongoing impact of the pandemic COVID-19 business forcing us to reduce staff,” said Calhoun.

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We will remind, earlier German Lufthansa warned that soon she will run out of money, if the authorities of the European countries will not provide financial assistance. The airline has already applied for financial assistance to the governments of Germany, Austria, Belgium and Switzerland.

As you know because of the coronavirus pandemic, which has forced many countries to close their borders, the aviation market can be quite different. According to Aviaexport Alexander Lanetsky, most airlines just won’t survive the crisis, and cheap tickets too, will not. The website “Today” was previously sorted out, when can resume air travel and the aviation market.

In addition to the transport sector, from pandemic coronavirus was badly damaged, and tourism. News “Today” to find out whether you can get the money back for already paid tours: