Wave to the camera: who is watching the Kremlin? (Duvar, Turkey)

The Russian Federation continues to fight the epidemic of the coronavirus. According to the latest published data, Russia is the second country in the world where the largest number of recorded cases of infection with coronavirus, namely, 299 thousand. On the other hand, with this increase in the number of cases announced by the authorities the total number of 2837 deaths is that both inside the country and among the international community begs the question — is Russia hiding the number of deaths?

Moscow this week has resolutely continued to pursue testing. Compared to the previous week, the number of tests increased. The number of tests, which as of 12 may there were 5.8 million, 19 may reached 7.3 million.

This week in Russia was another case of falling out of the window. The patient is treated from the coronavirus in a hospital in Moscow, fell from the window of the chamber on the sixth floor. It seems that falling out of the Windows in Russia deadly coronavirus.

All this forced us to more closely monitor developments related to the coronavirus in Russia, and the impact surveillance system, which became a source of concern in the country, Russian political life.

Cases of coronavirus at every step, from Kaliningrad to the Bering Strait

In Russia identified almost 300 thousand cases of infection with coronavirus. If you look at a map of the spread of the virus in the territories, where cases, in the first place are Moscow and the Moscow region, on the second — St. Petersburg, one of the most important cities. This week, however, the local authorities and the centre said that infections quickly spread throughout Russia. From Kaliningrad to Chukotka, or in other words, from the territories of the European part of Russia to the Bering Strait — high and low steel recorded cases of coronavirus. Moreover, their number is increasing day by day. Russia is the world’s largest of earth’s land area and includes nine time zones. The statements of the authorities now say that all of this geography is under a barrage of coronavirus.

To combat coronavirus in the regions was the main topic on the agenda of the videoconference, which Putin held may 18, with the heads of the 85 regions. At that meeting, Putin noted that heads of regions should take action in accordance with the priorities of their region and the epidemiological situation. Putin said that Russia is a big country and this development is not surprising, and added that in this new phase, the authorities will try to cope with the virus, showing more caution.

However, this decisive Putin’s speech enough to overcome the problems in the regions. Particularly in those where poverty and lack of opportunities have become something taken for granted, the situation is far from brilliant. In addition to the essential components of the struggle in the war against coronavirus, such as qualified medical personnel, means of protection, there is also a shortage such is not directly associated with the outbreak of coronavirus units like ambulances, vehicles. Thus the big question — what is the decision of the head of the Federation, agreed with these words of Putin at the meeting, you will find to address these shortcomings.

Anxiety Putin: chaos in Dagestan

While the coronavirus is spreading in almost all regions, there is one region in which Putin gave special powers: Dagestan. This Republic is among the poorest regions of the country, and it is home to many Muslims. From Dagestan, although it is adjacent to Chechnya, in General, good relations with Moscow. For example, in the elections to the State Duma in 2016, the Dagestan Republic for the most part supported the party of power “United Russia”. In this region, which leads to the Caspian sea, but does not enjoy the benefits from oil, poverty and economic stagnation have become commonplace. Moreover, the Kremlin considers that in the Republic there is a radicalization of society. However, alternatives to combat radical ideas, resolve economic problems of the region, solving the problems of the region with energy companies in conditions of extremely cold winters, as well as attracting investments is not available. Instead, Moscow considers sufficient, if necessary, as in Chechnya, to keep the region under control using surveillance and military equipment and operations of the FSB. Dagestan seem to recall that it was in Chechnya, and said, “you can be the same.”

To date, the Kremlin has successfully pursued this strategy. However, people take to the streets and social unrest due to issues with the heating last winter was added to the coronavirus. The leader of the Republic of Dagestan, conducted a special meeting with Putin, told the Russian President that the Republic of chaos, forces to fight the virus is not enough and the regional authorities asked for help from the Central government.

According to the Minister of health of Dagestan Jamaludin Gadjibekova, in the region of at least 13 thousand cases of the disease and 657 deaths from the coronavirus. These figures, announced by Gadzhibekovym at least 20 times above declared Moscow. The Minister noted that most patients are at home and not go to the hospital, while the funeral is going to a lot of people and the measures taken in this matter are insufficient. According to the Minister of health, deaths from the coronavirus in Dagestan is much higher than the recorded number of people die in their homes, they are quickly buried, and the authorities are unable to establish the cause of death because they do not have the right to perform an autopsy without the permission of relatives. Only 6% of families in Dagestan consent to the autopsy of the deceased.

And in these circumstances the authorities of the Republic appealed to Putin with a request for help. Putin said: “Good.” If the Putin administration will not find an effective solution in Dagestan and did not develop an effective method, in the future it can create problems for Putin’s rule.

Attention: the Kremlin is watching us

Another consequence of coronavirus in Russia is that in addition to security cameras, while only in Moscow began to operate the new system of cameras installed at every step. The creators of the program say that the system is designed to detect violators of the regime of self-isolation and quarantine during an epidemic of coronavirus. Recording of these cameras goes directly to the police station responsible for security of an area. For example, the person who had to be quarantined and went to the store, says that in half an hour at his door were police. Moreover, the program is so perfect that even if you are in the mask, information about your personality along with your address will be forwarded to the appropriate police unit. Since it is a measure adopted in the context of the epidemic of the coronavirus, people do not object to this practice, but added: “These cameras and surveillance by the state can stay forever.” And to find some other basis is not difficult.

Concern people is that this emergency, like an epidemic of coronavirus, the state uses as new advantageous position for themselves. For example, imagine that information about all the places that you visited since I left your apartment, and before he returned home, installed, and stored. Besides, imagine that at the election of the mayor, the President or in the elections to the State Duma you are going to vote not of the ruling party and some opposition parties. In these circumstances, will begin to have doubts about participation even in the simplest protest. Moreover, not only Russia, but any other state will hardly leave the position it has gained in such extreme conditions. In short, after the coronavirus Moscow residents can 24 hours a day to be under the close supervision of the Kremlin. And it already can cause anxiety.

Summing up the aforesaid, we will note that Russia continues to increase the number of cases of infection with coronavirus. All regions of the country under threat. If one of these regions, namely in Dagestan, the chaos is not resolved and the demands of the people are ignored, Moscow can move on to tough policy toward the region. Finally, Russia has developed a program that will allow you to continue to use a tracking method, applied in a coronavirus, and will give the opportunity to watch Moscow 24 hours a day. If, after the coronavirus this measure is cancelled, we can again witness the protests on the streets of Moscow.