More than 2 600 patients COVID-19: the Ministry of health explain why doctors are infected

In Ukraine many years provided funds for the provision of medical means of individual protection

Now one of the biggest problems of infection doctors coronavirus. To date, such cases have 2 660. The Deputy Minister of health Irina Mikituk explained the large number of patients health workers to COVID-19.

According to her, many years in the budgets of different levels is almost not provided funds for the provision of medical means of individual protection.

“A large number of diseases COVID-19 among physicians or their infection rates, because sometimes it is an asymptomatic process that is associated with multiple causes. One of the main doctors is the category of the population, which is more tested, respectively, more is revealed. On the other hand, unfortunately, in our country for many years neglected the principles of infection control, and is not the fault of medical professionals, this is a complex problem,” said Makichuk.

In Kiev, the hospital ambulance came to the protest (video)

She also sees the problem in that that providers sometimes do not adhere to regulations that worked in Ukraine for many years

“Also, the problem stems from the fact that the administration of medical institutions in the definition and establishment of routes of patients are not handled, this process. That is, today we have the result of those flaws that have occurred for many years”, – said the Deputy Minister.

As reported by news of the “Today” recently it became known that only in the Kirovograd area more than 150 physicians picked up COVID-19. In each case of a disease investigation.

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