“I decided to survive”: in the United States 108-year-old lady won coronavirus

For a century American UAE fell two pandemic

In the United States 108-year-old American won coronavirus, becoming the most middle-aged patient in the state of new Jersey, which succeeded.

As reported by CNN, for Sylvia Goldsholl this was already the second pandemic at its century – in 1918, when she was only seven years old, she contracted “Spanish flu”. Then the Spanish flu pandemic killed over 50 million people worldwide.

“I have experienced all because you chose to survive” – says Sylvia.

Throughout his life, the woman lived in new York’s Bronx, but in 2010, settled in the nursing home Allendale Community for Senior Living in Allendale, the state of new Jersey.

Last month she gave a positive test for COVID-19, but later learned that she had gained.

Her victory over coronavirus was even mentioned by the Governor of new Jersey Phil Murphy.

“Amazing life, amazing spirit and an incredible show of resistance. Sylvia, we send you best wishes and I wish you long years of life,” he wrote on Twitter.

Recall that the oldest patient in the world, which won the coronavirus, is considered to be 113-year-old Maria Braniac from Spain.

A 99-year-old world war II veteran of Armando Piveta became the oldest Brazilianwho overcame a coronavirus.

And the story of the other overage the winner of the coronavirus you can read in the video: