Qatar imposed a “mask” mode: for violation – in jail

Doha decided to severely punish violators of quarantine measures

At the time, as some countries report a complete victory over coronavirus, the government of Qatar has ordered all citizens to wear masks outside the home. Violators will be waiting for severe penalties – large fines or even prison.

As reported in the Twitter of the Ministry of internal Affairs of the Arab States, from the 17th of may, the country introduced a mandatory “mask” mode, which applies to all citizens, except for motorists who are travelling by car without passengers.

Those who violate this requirement, you will have to pay 200 thousand Qatari riyals (almost 55 thousand dollars), or even to spend three years in prison.

As of may 15 in Qatar recorded more than 28.2 thousand cases of infection with the virus SARS-CoV-2, which causes the disease COVID-19 – according to this indicator among the Arab States Qatar second only to Saudi Arabia. The authorities have reported only about 14 dead patients.

At the same time, in Saudi Arabia itself may 9, was set record for the number of new infected in this day contracted 1912 people. Just found 46,8 thousand cases, of which 383 were killed.

At the same time, popular among Ukrainians Egypt began to emerge from quarantine and on may 15 resumed hotels in resort areas, but so far only for domestic tourism.

How come back to life after quarantine in Europe watch the video: