NRK (Norway): Norwegian scientist raises the question of the origin of the virus

The genetic sequences on the surface of the coronavirus indicate that it is not of natural origin and probably developed by Chinese and American scientists. So says Norwegian scientist and vaccinologist Birger sørensen (Sørensen, Birger). He was supported by former head of British intelligence.

In the new study, published in the respected Quarterly Review of Biophysics, sørensen and British Professor Angus dalgleish (Dalgleish Angus) argue that in the so-called thorn of the coronavirus protein contains sequences that look like they were placed by artificial means.

Also, the two scientists say that the virus is almost not mutated, since began to spread among the people, and that means he was fully adapted to humans in advance. According to Sorensen, it is very unusual for a virus crossing the species barrier.

Sørensen claims that the virus has properties that are very different from the properties of the SARS virus and never found in nature.

“When we technically described the virus, we will definitely see that it was not the result of natural development. It made the Americans and the Chinese in the course of their research, the so-called “mutations with the acquisition function.” This work is being done around the world. Nobody talks about it, but in the advanced laboratories it is ongoing,” said sørensen.

China and the United States for many years collaborating on the research of coronaviruses. During the experiments for the study of mutations with the acquisition function, the scientists artificially increase the transmissibility of the virus, which makes it easier to use in scientific experiments. Such modified viruses are called “chimeras”.

The British head of intelligence: “an Accident in the lab”

In recent days, the discovery of sørensen has triggered a bitter debate in the British press.

As said Telegraph Richard Dirlam (Richard Dearlove), the former head of British intelligence MI6 from 1999 to 2004, the work of two scientists shows that paralyzes the world, the pandemic may have originated in the laboratory.

“I think it all started with an accident. And therefore the question is, will China take responsibility for it and will it pay compensation. I think all countries have to revise their attitude towards China and his leadership,” said Dirlam.

However, a representative of Downing street in response to the statement Drlava said that today evidence the artificial origin of the virus is not.

For several months someone from time to time said that the virus could begin to spread as a result of leakage from the laboratory of Virology Institute in Wuhan most advanced Virology labs in China.

Such statements categorically denies the leadership of the Institute, which claims that in the lab never worked with viruses resembling SARS-CoV-2.

“That’s pure fiction. Our Institute conducted the first clinical trials of this virus Dec 30,” — said the head of the Institute of Wang Yani Chinese state television CGTN.

China still has not identified the patient zero or the exact location where the outbreak started. The Chinese center for control and disease prevention conducted surveys of the first infected in the fish market area in Wuhan, and they showed that the infection did not originate there.

According to Sorensen, however, that Chinese scientists first pointed to the modified sequence on the surface of the virus. However, he argues, in recent months, China has shut down all studies of this kind.

“Information about these added sequences would never have been published. If it were today, it wouldn’t have happened. The Chinese made a big mistake. Added to the virus sequence has the functionality that we are describing. We explain why they are significant. But the Chinese have pointed out to them first,” says sørensen.

In their work sørensen thanks the research Manager Jon Fredrik Moxnes (John Fredrik Moxnes) from the Norwegian Institute for defence studies for the “invaluable assistance” in the work.

Have moxnes reported that they used their knowledge in the field of computing, working with Sorensen and his firm Immunor involved in the development of vaccines.

“The modern development of vaccines is largely due to computer processing power and biotechnology, and it is important that Norway takes part in it”, — he told NRK.

Doubts that a potential vaccine would work

Sørensen believes that the current potential vaccines are likely to have side effects because they focus on the so-called thorn is a protein of the virus, and 80% of its genetic material is very similar to the genetic material of a human protein.

“78,4% spiky protein epitopes identical to ours, human. And as a result, there is a 78,4% chance that vaccines targeted at this protein will have certain side effects”.

As shown by tests of vaccines against Dengue fever and HIV, there is a significant risk that the vaccine may cause more serious disease in a process called antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ASUI).

Now Sorensen is working on their own potential vaccine, called Biovacc-19. It focuses on the 20% of the genetic material of the virus that do not coincide with human.

However, Norway has shown little interest in financing experiments for vaccine development.

“We do not participate in this great race and do not aspire to finish first. But we have created a potential vaccine, which is fundamentally different from all others. And the best drugs will be financed and move forward anyway,” says sørensen.