The rules of spring cleaning to stock up on necessities and decide on the main purpose

With the arrival of spring, I would like to upgrade their housing, and many conceive during this period, a General cleaning — because finally have the opportunity to open the Windows, give everything a good airing, to wash, to clean and to admit to the updated home warmth and comfort. For such an important event to prepare in advance: make a plan of action to buy cleaning products and accessories, pick up the music, fill the refrigerator with food — in the process of cleaning not to be distracted by cooking. There are whole systems that include detailed instructions or step-by-step guide to cleaning different areas of housing.

About the main methods of bringing the house in order, how do you know which is right for you and what accessories you will need in the process, “Today” told the Kyiv housekeeper Tatyana Lukashevich, and the maid of the Czech hotel Anna Ivanchenko.


For starters, get familiar with the abundance of things which, in fact, clutter up the space. “The majority of Ukrainians keep the house a lot of junk taking up space and interfere to make the apartment clean and tidy. I believe this happens for two reasons. The first — the fear of poverty: people who grew up with total deficit in fear who scored mezzanine towels, matches, canned food and other things, even with the current abundance continue to store things — but this rubbish takes away not only a free place in the apartment, but also energy. The second reason is seasonal and ritual: many are forced to store a huge amount of seasonal clothing, holiday items you’d like once a year (e.g., shape for Easter or artificial tree). It is therefore necessary to unload living space, to make room for life” — explains Tatiana.

Having decided on General cleaning, see as you are willing to spend the time to do the cleaning at a time, valorises over the weekend, and not think about the fact that something has not been completed. Or work to clean house slowly and methodically, smashing the house in a small area. Different approaches have their own, specially developed, types of cleaning.

1. KON MARIE METHOD. Japanese Marie Kondo has created a system in which clutter can be removed at a time. Then restoring order will be easy and easy task. After all, how much easier to clean a clean surface and half-empty shelves than to touch overwhelmed with stuff? That is why it offers at a time, without much thought, get rid of everything that has ceased to please.

First dumped in a pile all the clothes, every thing to take up and ask ourselves: “She makes me happy?”. If not — it should be thank you for your service and throw away or find her a new home. Then in the same way to deal with books, DVDs and videos, documents, and Souvenirs.

After you clear space, you can start putting the rest of my stuff. She recommends storing clothes in boxes not folded in the stack, and vertically so it takes up much less space. Socks and underwear offers you to twist the rolls. Things on hangers Marie recommends divided into types according to the ease or appointment: first — t-shirts short sleeve, then long, then sweaters, coats and more. Read method can read more by reading her book or watching online videos.

2. METHOD FLYING HOUSEWIVES. Quite old and popular option of harvesting from the American Marla Seeley, called “Flylady” or “the flying housewife”. She suggests to start with “routine” — what you need to do every day to maintain cleanliness, and in other areas to clean for 15 minutes every day. In the framework of raschleneniya should be discarded daily for 7 unnecessary things (among them can be quite detail — cords without a pair or a Cup with a broken handle).


Your home salaminos not for a couple of hours, so to get him at the snap of a finger will not work. Spring cleaning is a difficult and time-consuming, so plan enough time.

Get everything you need. Cleaners, rags, wet wipes, mops and so on. may not be just helpers in cleaning, but also inspired on new feats of cleanliness. Now disposable doormats and wipes impregnated with detergent: to work with them even easier and faster.

Just divide the case for time/labor intensive and not very much. For example, if you plan to wash the rugs — note that they do not dry instantly.

Concentrate on doing one thing. “I’m looking for some clients, with whom we are removing what they can’t focus on one task. That was sort of in the closet, went to the kitchen — already a window there wipes, then begins to disassemble the window sill, saw a screwdriver — went to tighten up some bolt, by the way took a path… And so ad infinitum. Like all day busy, and no promotion”, — says Tatiana. To avoid this, focus only on one task, and if you are afraid to forget something — write it in the job list.


  • Microfiber

This napkin of non-woven fiber can be used for cleaning any surfaces. They perfectly absorb water and not leave behind fibers and threads, as natural fabrics. Wipes: glass, completely remove the fingerprints. You can use them without using chemicals.

  • Bamboo

Due to the special properties of natural fibers threads like that perfectly absorb water and dirt, are easily washed away and vypolaskivat. They do an excellent job with greasy spots, even without detergents. They can be used both dry and wet, just to dry after work.

  • Viscose and cellulose

Used only in wet condition dry, they become fragile and can burst when pressed. They are very simple and easy to assemble with the surface of the liquid or to perform wet cleaning. They gently remove the dust from furniture facades and table tops.

  • Melamine sponge

They can be compared with the work of the stationery eraser is in the process of abrasion, they are removed and contamination. Perfect and easy to leave marks from markers and pens left on the Wallpaper, and other surfaces. With this sponge, you can clean any hard surface, especially plastic and enamel.