New rules of registration of tickets: what everyone should know the Ukrainian

Soon Ukraine will join the list of countries that introduce the system of API (Advance Passenger Information or advance passenger information system). This means that when booking a ticket, the passenger will need to not only indicate their name and surname, date and route of flights, but also to fill in the required fields with the passport and contact information. This step will allow to ensure the safety of the passenger and to simplify the procedure of check-in. The website “Today” decided to give answers to questions that may arise from the passengers.

1. Why do airlines my personal information?

Carriers want to ensure the safety of each passenger. The API system was developed in the United States and proved its effectiveness. Today it is used by EU countries as well as China, Israel, UAE, Australia, Canada. Soon they will be joined by Ukraine. The transition process has already started. Soon without passport details to issue the ticket does not work booking simply will not close.

2. What specific information will need to provide?

You must specify the following data: type of travel document number, country of issuance and date of expiration, name and surname, gender, date of birth, nationality and country of residence of the passenger. For entry into the United States and the address of the accommodation/apartment/flat where you plan to stay the first night. In Germany – number and validity period of the visa. In addition to passport information, you must make personal phone contact and email address. These rules apply to all tickets purchased at the box office, the Agency or via the Internet.

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3. What if I made a mistake when entering the data?

Even a small error (e.g. a mistake in one letter in a name or surname) must be corrected. Yes, you will have to pay a fine, but it’s better than not get on the flight. The migration service checks the data in the documents letter by letter. Errors in contact information can also complicate online registration for incorrectly specified e-mail boarding pass won’t come. If you entered a wrong mobile number, airline employees just don’t get through you won’t be able to warn about changes in schedule and other emergency situations.

4. And what are the pros for me, in addition to talking about safety?

The queue at the front Desk – the usual story. Online registration takes few minutes. The data will be tightened automatically by the system, and you will only need to select the location to save the generated boarding pass on your phone or tablet. In some cases, pass on Board the need to print.

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5. Now on the flight will have to register in advance?

Actually the service web check-in used by millions of passengers around the world for several years. And I must say, I find the option very useful and convenient. Judge for yourself: to check-in online 48 hours before departure. To do this, go to the website or the mobile app of the airline, to drive a room reservation/ticket and the name of the passenger to choose a seat and receive boarding in the mail. It can be printed or can be presented in the form of a QR code. At most airports accept electronic versions.

6. Unless the company can’t register me?

Can. With information about the passenger and his / her contacts, the airline may register it automatically, choose a location and send an electronic version of the boarding pass. This option is suitable for travelers who do not have a preference about the location of chairs and neighbors on a number of system passengers took their seats according to booking code and fare type. If you’re travelling with friends or family, each with a separate reservation, you can be in different rows and even parts of the cabin. If you want to sit, it is better to register yourself.

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7. And the airport now will not even register?

Will be, but we have found that such recording takes much more time. The choice of places is rather limited – the best are already taken. Besides, increasingly, the carriers (first of all it concerns low-cost airlines) make the registration at the front Desk pay the price can reach 70 euros. By the way, for printing the boarding pass also will have to pay. And why pay for something you can get for free?

Summary. Going to buy a ticket – have a copy of the first page of the passport (this applies to domestic flights). Or click the certificate to the phone’s camera save the photos in the gallery. Fill in all the fields on the booking and check the correctness of filling. Specify personal contacts – phone and e-mail. If everything is filled in correctly, all pre-flight procedures will take a minimum of time.