Trump starts to unfreeze relations with Putin

On Saturday, Donald trump has called Vladimir Putin from the Oval office. The first official contact under the scrutiny of observers and diplomats of all countries, given the crucial importance of U.S.-Russian relations may acquire in the coming months. The presidents held talks in a positive way, which lasted almost an hour and is regarded as the first step for “improving relations that need repair,” — said in the White house.

What they have said to each other in a moment when Donald trump, a great troublemaker, begins his term? Maybe Putin, who has made anti-Americanism a key to its legitimacy and the nationalist mobilization of the Russian society around him, came to the conclusion that you can take advantage of the turmoil of the international community from the manner used by the new US President?

If he owns incriminating information on trump, what many in Washington continue to fear, despite the fact that the famous report of the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele, a leak which came through BuzzFeed, did not contain any evidence of its alleged rumors? Do I need to consider the mysterious death of former KGB General Oleg Provincia that worked, apparently, Steele’s and was found dead in the trunk of his Lexus in Moscow, as a sign that the report could contain some conclusive evidence? What a dizzying questions…

In any case, never before the new US President did not Express so a lot of flattering words like Donald trump to address the Russian leader at the beginning of his presidency. Although George Bush and Barack Obama tried to mend fences, but to no avail. Throughout his election campaign, the billionaire praised “with special emphasis on” the ability and the mind of the master of the Kremlin, — says former Ambassador John Herbst (John Herbst), today responsible for the Russian dossier at the Atlantic Council of NATO.

Trump spoke with the fierce criticism of NATO and the European Union, called for a joint fight with Russia against Islamic terrorism and vowed not to give “lessons in democracy”. He also talked about the possibility of lifting sanctions against Moscow, if the parties agree on major issues. Thus, he shocked the whole of Europe, which fears the violation of the principles of international law in the case that trump will consign to oblivion the annexation of Crimea and invasion of Ukraine… the fact that Russian organized hacking the server of the Democratic party that has weakened the position of Hillary Clinton, also puts trump in a unique position, but still it is not Moscow has pushed a new York businessman to come to power, as highlighted by the expert across Russia from The Atlantic Fillon hill (Fiona Hill) in December.

Between Russian and American striking similarity: their “alpha male” makes appeal to nationalism, and the instinct of power, inspired by Hobbes, — to despise a large international organization. “Long before trump promised again to make America great, Putin promised to restore Russia to its former glory,” said the journalist URI Friedman (Uri Friedman) from the magazine The Atlantic.

“Besides all similarities, these two also share the ability to maneuver, to maneuver among the rage of the impoverished people of the disturbed against the elite of their country. Both appreciate the element of surprise. They are also subject to a phenomenal instinct the psychology of the enemy and talent for the manipulation of public opinion. Both are about polls and what people think about them. Trump — due to the clearly inflated “ego”, and Putin, like every head of an authoritarian regime — for fear the slightest sign of popular indignation, says American expert on Russia Fiona hill.

Can the similarity between these two policies lead to convergence? “It’s a bet trump, who dreams about a deal to end the Islamic state (a terrorist organization banned in Russia — approx.ed.) — said Ambassador Herbst. “If trump is going to lift the sanctions on the Crimea and Ukraine in exchange for Russia’s participation in a massive bombardment of is militants, it will be a disaster,” he said, being sure that it is necessary to maintain the sanctions and it is better to agree to leave Assad in power in exchange for joint operations.

John Herbst wondered, however, question how long will match American and Russian interests, given the destabilization, led by Russia throughout Europe with the aim of weakening NATO and the European Union. “Few people in Washington aware of this, but if trump will see what is happening in reality and that U.S. diplomats are harassed, the tone may change,” Herbst said earlier. It is unlikely that the new US leader will allow, for example, Putin to intimidate his fleet fighters, as is happening today in the Baltic sea. “Convergence may be short, if trump feels that Russian hinder it to achieve its goals,” said Herbst.

Fiona hill of the same opinion. “What happens if the Europeans will agree to pay more for the Atlantic Alliance, and Putin will continue their subversive politics,” she asked. What happens if trump will try to increase pressure on Iran and Russia will oppose it? “Putin does not know of what metal is made trump, this is uncharted territory,” said Fiona hill. According to the Russian ultranationalist Alexander Dugin, the leading idea of the Kremlin to “act with caution” in order to pander to the “ego” of the new owner of America.