How to understand that you need to cleanse the liver from toxins

We live in an environment full of toxins in the air and in food. And with all these poisons have to handle it the liver, writes

In fact, a healthy liver is quite capable of filtering toxins and remove them through urine and feces. But if you overloaded it, you may need help and of the liver, informs

The most dangerous for liver problems are obvious: alcohol, viral infections, attack by certain chemicals, rich fatty foods.

If your liver weakens, it will slightly increase in size, swell and can even change the color. You will feel sluggish, not able to concentrate. And, of course, all your attempts to lose weight are doomed to failure.

But how do you know if you were okay?

You can’t lose weight while “doing everything right”

Do you exercise, ensure that the diet was balanced, but the weight still does not go away….

If this has already happened or is happening right now, try to go to the doctor for an examination to see the liver on ultrasound. The sooner you do, the better.

Skin problems

There are a few basic signs. First, the skin may have a yellowish tint. This indicates an increase of bilirubin, a substance that is the cause known you since childhood jaundice.

Secondly, inflammation of the skin, itching and hypersensitivity — it is also a sure sign of certain problems with the liver.

Thirdly, you should alert a rash of small red dots on the skin.

Dark urine

Reasons why urine may change color and have a sharp odour, mainly, two: or you drink too little water, or you have liver problems.

Also note on your chair: faeces should not be black or contain bleeding.

Changes in the abdominal region

Then you need to pay attention to two main symptoms:

— Chronic spasms in the lower abdomen.

— The feeling of “gas contamination” and the increased pressure in the abdomen. Ultimately, this leads to the accumulation in the body of excess fluids, and then can give complication on the lungs!

Chronic fatigue and weakness

Any of these symptoms, especially in combination with others, should be a signal to immediately seek medical help. With the liver, like cancer: the earlier you discover the problem, the faster and easier will be able to resolve it.