Country (Ukraine): “We do raves”. Poroshenko sent to the captured sailors. “Country” published expertise in “Kerch”case

Recently former attorney General Ruslan Ryaboshapka declared that the case for Petro Poroshenko in the GBR are not baseless. And compared them with how Yanukovych was chased Tymoshenko, sending her to prison.

According to Ryaboshapko, “nothing promising” in 17 criminal cases on the ex-President no.

However, it would not have agreed the Kiev research Institute of judicial examinations at the Ministry of justice.

“Country” could get acquainted with the expertise that he gave GBR in one of the cases opened against Poroshenko in the statement of the famous lawyer Andriy Portnov.

Talking about sending Ukrainian sailors in the Kerch Strait where on November 25, 2018 seized by Russian border guards. The advantage of Poroshenko, introducing martial law and trying to postpone the presidential election.

After the change of power in the country, the case of the former President’s statement Portnov started on three counts — treason, attempt of illegal seizure of power and the abuse of power.

Experts KNIISE came to the conclusion that the government and the military leadership knew about the harmful consequences of their actions. But, following an oral order of Poroshenko, sent sailors in Russian captivity.

“Country” examined the conclusions of the report of gosexpert that attached to the criminal case against the former guarantor.

As stated in the examination in the case of seafarers

In a “Country” were material examination KNIISE on the Kerch case. There are a number of interesting insights.

First, it clearly States that there is no documented strategy to increase its military presence in the sea of Azov in Ukraine was not. In this regulatory document — “a Strategic plan for the APU and other components of the defense forces to repel armed aggression” — a change in September-December 2018 have been made.

That is, sending military ships in the Kerch Strait was agreed not in order of the overall strategy, and the kind of volitional act of the military leadership.

Also in the examination said that there was acute need in the build-up of military forces of Ukraine in the Azov region — at least, no documents in this regard in the General staff did not accept.

However, the commander Maritime command and head of naval forces of Ukraine, decided to steer the ship. According to KNIISE — without an objective reason for it. In contravention of the mass of statutory instruments. For example — “without receiving a Directive, order, combat order from the higher headquarters.”

Also the decision about the transition through the Kerch Strait was made “without regard to the safe use of troops”. Had violated the order of execution of command and control documents, referred to in the examination.

The Ukrainian Navy command has not estimated the likely response of the enemy — that is not foreseen that ships can capture. And, what is more interesting — it somehow never even looked at the armored transportation of boats by land, if there was a need to strengthen the naval group in the sea of Azov. Although the previous day the same boat “Lubny and Kremenchug” that way, and in Berdyansk and moved.

Further, the experts make another conclusion — due to the fact that at Poroshenko in the Azov sea have begun to relocate warships, has been weakened defense capability of Ukraine in the black sea area. Where these ships were transferred.

“Any foreign state had territorial claims to Ukraine, could get advantage in offensive actions against Ukraine”, — the report says.

I understand why this is emphasis. After the RAID Ukrainian boats “at Kerch” and capture them in captivity has escalated the military situation. Ukraine and Russia were on the verge of military conflict. While the black sea coast was completely defenseless — due to the fact that the main forces were withdrawn to the basics.

That is Russia, in case of war, could easily seize the black sea South of Ukraine. And those consequences would have been easy to calculate. To such conclusion experts KNIISE.

Trail Poroshenko

The document is one reason why the Navy has violated every instruction. This is President Petro Poroshenko.

“The order of the Supreme commander of VSU, President of Ukraine at the meeting of the national security Council about the need to send by sea the ships was seen by military leadership as the order led to serious consequences — namely, the captivity of soldiers and bringing the ships in nebogatova state”, — stated in the report.

They argue that this decision has caused direct material damage to the fleet (because of the seizure of the ships) and non-pecuniary damages for captured sailors. And in direct causal connection with the damage is the decision of the Ukrainian Navy. Inspired by the “ukazivka” Poroshenko.

Note that we are talking about the meeting of the Council of 6 September 2018, which, with the participation of the President, the decision was made to strengthen the Ukrainian group on the sea of Azov.

It is interesting that now this decision from the website of the national security Council removed. However, it is stored in the cache Google.

About what at this meeting, Poroshenko urged to send ships through the Kerch Strait, according to help the RRG about the criminal case that is open on the ex-President.

“President of Ukraine at the meeting of the Council of 6 September 2018, despite the warnings of members of the national security Council about the possibility of arrest, it was noted that it is necessary to send the ships, the crews of which will be heroes, and we do this, “raves” (fuss, movement). The military leadership of the armed forces of Ukraine it was regarded as an order”, — stated in the document, which is in the possession “of the Country.”

Interestingly, on September 11 in Berdyansk transported by land boat “Lubny and Kremenchug”, and on 20 September in the Kerch Strait through the Black sea off the Ukrainian military ships. However, the Russians have them — the court was technical and weapons are not carried. But the armored, who went “on the Kerch” in November, lucky less.

Note that for a month and a half before that fateful trip was going to another meeting of the Council on the Azov sea under the leadership of Poroshenko. But more than half of the decisions of 12 October was classified.

“This situation (the capture of ships and sailors — approx. ed.) Poroshenko P. A. used for introducing the state of martial law to postpone the elections of the President of Ukraine or cancelled”, — stated in the certificate of the RRG.

“The sailors will have to pay.” The Position Of The Ministry Of Justice

Another interesting aspect of the examination KNIISE is the moral damage caused to the captured sailors. His estimate of the area of 115 million.

If the criminal case against Poroshenko will bring to the end and prove in court that the command had sent them to certain captivity to collect these millions of sailors with Ukraine.

This is stated in another document, a copy of which has “Country” — a memo to the Deputy Minister of justice Ivan Hazel in the name of his boss Denis Maluski.

“The presence of such criminal proceedings give grounds 24 servicemen of the Ukrainian Navy captured the Russian Federation of 25 November 2018, submit to the European court of human rights individual petitions against Ukraine and recovery of appropriate compensation for the violation of their rights,” warns Hazel.

That is, Ukrainian officials against business for Poroshenko, not only because it can take advantage of Russia (as stated in the memo), but also to save on the compensation of its sailors.

However, it is unlikely the motive of money is the main obstacle to make the case against Poroshenko to move forward and present him with suspicion. After all, if there are already the experts ‘ findings and materials sredstva, which prove the responsibility of the former President, then what can stop the UIR from the preparation of suspicion Poroshenko, and the Prosecutor General’s office of its approval? Moreover, the people of the current attorney General Venediktova continue to manage the state Bureau of investigation, and she is a member of the President’s team.

It is obvious that to stop the can causes not only of a legal nature — the lack of political will or some “dogovornyak” with Poroshenko.