Stand for life: what is the increase in ratings Rabinovich and his party

New independent research conducted by the Ukrainian sociological services – Institute of analysis and forecasting, the Center “Social monitoring” and the Ukrainian Institute of social studies named after Yaremenko, showed that the three leaders of electoral preferences of Ukrainians quickly rushed Vadim Rabinovich. Moreover, the head of the party “For life” achieved success in the “personal” and “team” standings. Let’s try to understand the reasons for this significant increase in ratings policies and his team.


Report on sociological research were presented at the expert a press-conferences in news Agency “UKRINFORM”. Video from the event posted on the official website of the news Agency. According to the newspaper, in presidential elections if they were held next Sunday, Vadim Rabinovich would be the third place with 8.9% (among those who will take part in the voting). Ahead of Petro Poroshenko and Yulia Tymoshenko.

Party indicators “For life” in the poll is also very high: 9,1% support in the hypothetical elections to the Verkhovna Rada. Rabinovich and his force almost caught up with the “permanent” leaders of electoral sympathies in recent years.

It should be noted that the results of the party Vadim Rabinovich also in many ways – personally his credit. The following conclusions can be drawn from the results of another parallel carried out the survey, they were also announced during the press conference.

“According to the poll, more likely voters motivates the credibility of the leader of the political force, which he supports. That is, the primary motive is the leadership capacity of the party, and for one or another political force the majority of votes because support of the leader of this political force”, – said during the presentation of the results of opinion polls, Executive Director of the “Kiev press club” Michael Peresunko.

According voiced by the expert reports, the party “For life” has a very high so-called “electoral potential”, so that, in the case of elections, the result could be even higher.

“We gave the respondents the question: what political force would you vote for if you mentioned the party did not participate in the elections? So we tried to figure out the electoral potential of parties. After all, if you remove from the list the party on which a person chose, then, accordingly, he will vote for another, which he also like. This means that certain parties have some electoral potential, which they can implement during the election campaign, can pull at one part of the electorate at the expense of a successful campaign, and thus to achieve great results… the Party “For life” would be able to obtain an additional 5% if successfully exercised their electoral potential,” said Peresunko.

Given the accumulated frustration of the Ukrainians in the old political projects and dynamic growth of the party Rabinovitch, to the start of the campaign, she’ll probably be able to convert its electoral potential of more serious voter support.


The recent growth of popularity of Vadim Rabinovich and his party quite naturally, believes Dmitry Voronkov.

“In third place (in the poll. – Ed.) “suddenly”… “For life” Vadim Rabinovich. But it is for them there in power, perhaps unexpectedly, and in fact all natural as on the shelves disintegrated,” said Dmitri Voronkov.

Actually, it is possible to name a number of factors that contribute to the fact that Ukrainians are increasingly in opinion polls and put a tick opposite to a surname Rabinovich. He is a bright, extraordinary leader, for word in pocket climbs, and the word is usually very acute and painful for the representatives of both the authorities and the “name” of the opposition.

A side result of such actions become scandals, which involve the leader of the party “For life”, and tons of dirt that poured on him. However, contrary to expectations of enemies, they don’t cause Rabinovich harm, but rather contribute to its rating. Take the confrontation with the Opposition bloc – all that dirt that its representatives poured on Vadim Rabinovich, worked against them.

“How much dirt, mud in recent weeks, was poured on Rabinowitz and his “For life” with the “old friends” from the opposition bloc! And in a mocking manner! And today published survey results from three large social services – and who now someone needs to talk “down”? – said in this connection Nikolay Spiridonov. – Witness: “For life” and 9.1% support, “bitter opposition” is 8.6! Obviously, the tactics of “overlay Rabinovich and increase its ranking” has not worked. To impose something failed… but the caravan moves on.”

The expert suggested that further attempts Rabinovich opponents to discredit him to nothing lead.

“I wonder how ABOUT this (published ratings. – Ed.) react. Find another mossy “compromising” 40-50-60 years ago and will try to “sell” it to the voter? Well, well, continue in the same spirit, only now voters, according to polls, sweating more does not intend”, – said Nikolay Spiridonov.


Another factor in the growing popularity of Vadim Rabinovich – it is bright and, importantly, is not unfounded criticizing the government. He expresses his opinion on every important occasion, and always says what he thinks. This, according to experts, also attracts Ukrainians on his side.

“The background of populism which is now said Rabinowitz? That is of concern to everyone”, – said Dmitry Voronkov.

According to the expert, the leader of the “For life” says that people somehow see and understand themselves. And people are impressed that Rabinovich is not only talks, but offers a exactly how to change the situation, develops and registers in the Parliament of relevant bills.

No less important is the growth factor ratings Vadim Rabinovich – he’s the new face in Ukrainian politics. And now new faces on the background of General fatigue from the “usual” politicians, is highly demanded.

Sergey Afonin