The OSCE has described how to cooperate with the peacekeepers in the Donbass

The Secretary General of the OSCE Thomas Greminger believes that the decision-making process regarding the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in the Donbass will not be easy, however, in the case of such decision tasks between the UN and the OSCE are clearly delineated.

“Now, looking at the various offers, you can come to the understanding that a clear understanding yet and the process of making this decision will not be easy. The OSCE is ready to join the discussion and offer their knowledge and expert skills. … If the decision is made, there will be a clear delineation of tasks between the peacekeeping mission of the UN and the OSCE, in particular the SMM, in order to achieve a positive impact on the situation on the ground,” he said at a briefing on Thursday in Kiev.


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OSCE Secretary General also said that the night before he had held an exchange of views on this issue with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko.

Earlier, the speaker, U.S. Department of State Heather Nauert said that the introduction of the UN peacekeeping mission in the East of Ukraine will protect the citizens from armed violence and contribute to the restoration of the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the state.