Liga (Ukraine): Ukrainian car industry collapsed

In April, Ukraine has collected the 59 cars. Thus, compared to the April result last year the Ukrainian car industry slowed down more by 58%, according to Ukrautoprom.

All the statistics of the month formed the Eurocar plant, which were collected in April 59 Skoda cars. Thus, compared to the previous year the April issue of car Eurocare decreased by a quarter.

Since the beginning of the year Ukraine has collected 1 424 thousand units of motor vehicles, which is 24% lower than a year earlier.

Cars — 1238 units (-22%);
Commercial — 12 PCs (-20%);
Bus — 174 pieces (-37%).

In April, the Ukrainians have purchased and put on record 3 thousand 700 new cars, or almost two times less than in the previous year. Because of the quarantine registration of electric vehicles fell by 14 times compared to last year.