Iltalehti (Finland): former Finnish premiere of Aho and Lipponen — useful idiots for Putin

Dear young Finnish readers! Please Google, what is a YYA.

No, not YYZ is an instrumental of the hit canadian progressive rock band Rush. The late Neil Peart (Neil Peart) was a great drummer.

So, we need to find what is a YYA.

Okay, let me help you. Copy a few words from the Bible all journalists — Wikipedia. Because the data of Wikipedia is always unconditionally true.

The “YYA Treaty, ystävyydestä, yhteistoiminnasta ja keskinäisestä avunannosta, in Russian- the Treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance. The Soviet Union signed the Warsaw CPDs-contract and a DSP-agreement with Finland”.

Let’s think for a moment: in the cold war years Finland was a neutral country, or so-called “friend of the Soviet Union”?

The YYA Treaty, the Treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance was signed between the USSR and Finland in 1948, his term expired in 1992.

To replace the USSR came to Russia, but the spirit of the Agreement in Finland is still living.

This is taken care of, in particular, two former Prime Minister of Finland, which became the so-called “useful idiots” threat of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin. Thanks to this strategy, they receive huge money from the pocket of Putin.

Let’s start with Sberbank. Is Russian banking giant, which — Yes, again, info from Wikipedia — manages a third of all Bank deposits in Russia. The largest owner of Sberbank, the Russian Central Bank, which, in turn, is under the direct control of dictator Vladimir Putin.

Sberbank economically supported the “rebels” in Eastern Ukraine, that is, the armed forces, supported by Putin, which fought against the legitimate leadership of Ukraine. Sberbank has also supported illegal annexation of Crimea and transfer of the Peninsula to the Russian authorities.

Sberbank is listed in the sanctions list of the EU and the USA in 2014.

Esko Aho (Esko Aho), the Prime Minister of Finland from 1991 to 1995, now occupies the post of Board of the savings Bank.

Turnover of the consulting company Esko Aho Was made in 2019 451 thousand euros for a profit of 123 thousand euros.

On the Internet page of the company Aho says that is engaged in foreign orders, primarily through Verbatum.

In 2019, the company Was acquired a beautiful private home in Espoo.

On Putin’s money to live well.

Nordstream is, in turn, the gas pipeline passing under the Baltic sea from Russia to Germany, the project of the Russian energy company Gazprom.

Gazprom is the largest Russian company, which is under the direct control of dictator Vladimir Putin.

Promotion of the project Nordstream has been the company Cosmopolis. Is a consulting company Paavo Lipponen (Paavo Lipponen), former Chairman of the Social democratic party of Finland, the Prime Minister in 1995-2003. Consulting company consists of one person.

Recently, the newspaper Kauppalehti wrote that the consulting company Lipponen showed a “beautiful result”. In 2019 the turnover of the Cosmopolis was 266 700 euros, profit is a beautiful 169 000 Euro.

While Western neighbours Finland, Sweden and Denmark believe Nordstream problem for national security, former Prime Minister of Finland earns him five annual salary welder Magenta Seppo (Seppo Mähönen).

Recently, the newspaper Iltalehti wrote, citing a newspaper Eeva that Prime Minister Lipponen held a coronavirus spring apart with his wife, former MP päivi Lipponen (Lipponen Päivi).

Apartment in the centre of Helsinki, where sometimes it stops Paavo Lipponen, owns another lobbyist of the Russian Nordstream.

On Putin’s money to live well.

Putin’s useful idiots are infinitely a lot of money.

As for the former Finnish Prime Ministers.

And finally let’s once again look to Wikipedia to learn what a “useful idiot”.

“Useful idiot, a political term used to denote humiliating gullible or naive person, unknowingly promoting the promotion, the objectives of which he himself really knows. Useful idiot believes that it acts in accordance with moral principles, although in reality it is used to support the corrupt structure of power.”

Let’s remember some more. Readers are older, you Google it! Best friend Aho and Lipponen, Putin managed to take care to keep the Russian dictator until 2036.

This is great news for Aho and Lipponen!