Putin wants to think that trump will kill America

A rocket attack of the USA on positions of the Syrian President and the Kremlin’s ally Bashar al-Assad has changed the global agenda by setting us-Russian relations to a new frosty tone. Now how will the relations between Moscow and Washington, is there a new arms race and why Russia “fire” in the middle East — these and many other questions in the second part of an interview with “Obozrevatel” said the captain 1-St rank naval forces of the United States and former chief of staff of the Military liaison mission of NATO in Moscow, Harry the Tabs.

— What do you think about the impact of trump on the positions of Assad?

Bravo! Not spent a red line, didn’t consult the UN did not ask permission from Putin. Trump does something, unlike Obama and Congress. Now and North Korea will think, and Iran.

What to himataki, which entails the reaction of trump, there are several options. 1) Chemical weapons got into Syria from Iraq or Russia; 2) Russia had not taken chemical weapons as agreed; 3) Russia gave permission for the use of chemical weapons or at least knew about it. I decided to “feel out” trump. “Feel”; 4) There is another trivial variant that Putin has nothing to do with it. For example, the Russian military turned a blind eye to the use of chemical weapons. Because Russian colonels can be bribed, and not expensive.

— How will this situation develop? Putin realized that trump is not a joke?

— I think, began to realize that nothing in the Duma champagne was opened, when trump won. I think even I will try to answer, is not symmetrical. If Assad surrender after a visit by Secretary Rex Tillerson, Putin understood, and no longer a player. But it’s bad for the Syrian Christians.

However, Putin needs a war. He wants her at any cost.

— Why Putin war?


— To unite the people. The enemies around. People live badly because of the war. And he is the father, the nation saves. Not Imperial this business about the roads and schools to think. It let trump thinks about medicine.

— If you look at the first months of the cadence of trump, they don’t look very successful: the suspension of the decree on the migrants, the failure of the abolition of Obamacare, his approval rating has dropped to 35%. What this can result in the end?

— Who makes these rankings? Same service, same channels that predicted his loss. The truth is that the workers of America for him. Yes, many people do not like what he says, don’t like the way he says it, but he says it is right.

Trump took the position: let’s wait until Obamacare is completely ruined if something happens, it will not be my fault, I did everything to avoid it.

— Is this a normal position for the President?

— He just can’t do anything. He’s not the king. In General, as my friend said, follow the money. If the economy is growing, let him be President, even the devil, re-elected. Trump, many hate it, many think he’s lame, and America’s economy growing.

Though I had predicted the opposite.

— That’s it. This means that not only Americans, but also inhabitants of the whole civilized world are investing in America because there is trust. They believe that the planned trump will be profitable for them. Wear the female organs and go protest, but that doesn’t change the fact that the money goes to the country, not the country. So if we have economic growth, then everything will calm down. And the situation with Russian is so politicized that it is to reality is irrelevant.

But the situation with the ex-adviser to trump Michael Flynn? His lawyer stated about the readiness of Flynn to testify about relations campaign trump with Russia in exchange for immunity. Quote: “General Flynn has a story to tell”. When a person asks about the immunity, that means he can tell something incriminating…

— Yes, it can. And can say: “Yes, I lied”. And admits to his wrongdoing, but I will say: “You do anything to me you can’t, because I had “immunity”. It may be just a game. I did not know him personally, but apparently Yes, it was wrong. But do not presume to assert, the court was not.

— Do you think trump make America great again?

— America and the great. I just hope he can keep the United States great just a little bit longer. But in the end, I think the authorities will come to the liberals.

If the Democratic party wasn’t so corrupt and would not try to push Clinton, sacrificing Bernie Sanders, and he would have won. He, the socialist, would destroy the country for sure. But again, this is all temporary. Sooner or later, come to power a strong left, and then we will have the same problems as now in Europe. If America does not Wake up, she’ll end up like Europe.

— It is believed that the Kremlin wanted the election trump not because he is Pro-Russian, but because he just might provoke inter-burst.

— I think it’s true. Putin wants to think that trump is going to kill America because he was “crazy” because he is a “clown.” I think Russia has shown that Clinton is corrupt, not because Moscow wanted the election trump, but because Putin wanted to show his electorate: “Look, they also have no democracy, they also I bought.” When he showed it to his people, it is picked up by the Americans. It turns out that indirectly, he helped the Tramp, but it was hardly his goal.

— You said that if America doesn’t “Wake up”, you can start a serious centrifugal processes. Russia clearly does not claim to be the world leader, in this case this place will be the China?

Yes. In principle, China is already the world leader.

— More powerful USA?

— No, because all was invested in the United States. However, in second place. But the Chinese are not aggressive in that sense, they are pragmatists. No matter what country, it is important that democracy in it or not. In the entire history never 2 democratic countries not fight each other. Sometimes there were quarrels, but Draco never came. They gave the people. China is not a democratic country but a country with democratic concepts. Every five years the authorities have changed. Therefore, there will be “other” opinion.

Yeah and the Chinese are rather economic expansionist.

— Of course, there is nothing wrong. With China trump agrees, trading.

When trump is elected, everyone said that it would lead to a trade war with China.

— He is a businessman, he understands that war is expensive. Any war. Therefore, it is extremely unlikely.

— Trump’s plans to strengthen the American army and nuclear capability could trigger an arms race?

— Not something that can and will provoke. The USSR collapsed because of the arms race. They just went bankrupt. They could not keep up with the Americans in space, in electronics, Yes to all. And the Soviet economy simply collapsed. Can the same thing be repeated.

— The collapse of the USSR played an important role cheap oil, and now we, too, can see it.

— Yes, USSR had to fail somewhere else in 72-73 years, but oil has risen because of the Arab-Israeli war. This saved Brezhnev then. Under Gorbachev, oil again fell, and so he collapsed. Russia is beneficial to the middle East burning some fire. If now everything is calm, the oil will cost pennies. For Russia, this is a sentence.

— That is partly Russia’s intervention in the war in Syria happens to be connected with this?

— I think Yes. Russia has always been profitable, so there was a war. America — on the contrary. USA purchased there oil, so extinguished all wars. However, now the situation has changed a bit. America itself has become the largest exporter of oil. Now we control the market.

— Trump has already started to lift the ban on mining.

— Oh yeah, I think it will affect prices.

— The United States will reduce the financial aid to Ukraine?

— I doubt it. First, this assistance is not so big to spend her time in Congress. Second, it will benefit Putin, and that in the US do not want. But, in the end, trump will ask: “Where is the money? What you have done?” If you do not have to account for it, then nothing will. Trump is a man of money.

— By the way, it is believed that the US did not give weapons to Ukraine, because there are fears that it will be misused…

— It is quite another matter. I went and lobbied to give lethal weapons to Ukraine, the soldiers didn’t throw their bodies on the Russian tanks.

— Is a lethal weapon will be able to reverse the situation?

Do you know will break, but will save soldiers lives. The situation will turn out to reverse the military. Political — Yes. But the soldiers will be able to minimize losses with high-precision weapons that we have.

— Know you at the time, lobbied in Congress, the issue of releasing of Nadezhda Savchenko. Now think about it?

— In my environment now great debate about Savchenko. We were for it. I personally went to Congress, argued that she is an officer, a prisoner of war. We didn’t hear what she was saying, just saw what it is like tin soldiers, standing and trembling before by the KGB. And in Israel, the officers were going, hold a rally in her support. And then these “Jews”… When you start to listen to what she says, you realize that the officer there’s little. She even has no concept of what it is. And we were outraged that the officer kept in a cage.