In Ukraine changed the rules of checkup of cars

The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine adopted a decision to change the rules of the technical inspection of vehicles, providing the obligatory photo – and video recording by the contractor of the verification process of the vehicle. It is reported by government portal.

Before fixing the inspection contractor shall notify the customer.
“Materials (photo and video recording. – Ed.) must be kept for three years. This will make it impossible for the results of verification protocols without its implementation and ensure the accumulation of objective information about the technical condition of the car”, – explained in the Cabinet.

It is noted that the photographic images of the process of inspection carried out, in particular, “the external inspection of vehicle, checking the lights, the brake system through a bench test with fixing the General appearance of the vehicle and license plate”.

In this case, the photo must be indicated the time and date of photographic images, which should match the time and date of issuance of the Protocol of check of a technical condition.

Mandatory inspection for cars that are not used for commercial purposes, was repealed in July 2011.

In 2014, the SAI of Ukraine has announced its intention to return this procedure.

9 December 2015, the Cabinet adopted a resolution which returned the inspection in the case of re-registration documents for vehicles.