U.S. scientists announced the discovery of antibodies that protect against COVID-19

Drugs based on antibodies can appear before the vaccine

American scientists from the biopharmaceutical company, Sorrento Therapeutics has discovered a new antibody that can afford to treat the disease is a coronavirus COVID-19 in 4 days.

On it informs TV channel Fox News.

According to scientists, the principle of discovered antibodies, called STI-1499 is that they move around the virus and remove it from the human body within 4 days.

“We want to emphasize that there is a cure. There is a solution that works 100%. If your organism has neutralizing antibodies, you don’t need social distancing,” said the founder of the company Henry Gee.

It is noted that the drugs based on antibodies can appear before the vaccine.

In addition, American scientists say that will be able to produce 200 thousand doses of drugs against the coronavirus. The company Sorrento Therapeutics strives to make tens of millions of doses to meet all the needs of mankind.

Earlier it became known that the United States sees an opportunity to make a free developed in the country a vaccine against coronavirus.

Earlier, the EU said when they approved the vaccine for coronavirus.