5 myths about shampoos, we still believe

Ukrainian women believe in the 5 popular myths that have no relation to proper hair care, says bhub.

1. To wash my hair every day is harmful
Trichologists suggest to wash your hair as pollution, and this measure is different for everyone. Someone has a dry scalp, so cleansing them once a week. The owners of oily skin have to wash your hair every day, or suffer the appearance. In this case, frequent cleansing is necessary for all who on a daily basis using styling tools and exercise regularly.

2. The more foam, the cleaner the hair
Feeling washed up hair not only gives a rich lather on the head. If you take, for example, a shampoo that does not contain lye, you can see that he almost does not foam, however, the hair after it is clean. Ideally, the amount of foam should be such just to ease shampooing. For those who think that the shampoo does not foam, manufacturers of cosmetics have a tip: before shampooing with a small amount first to be applied to the hand and RUB in wet hands.

3. Instead of the whole beauty Arsenal, you can use the shampoo 2-in-1
2-in-1 Express care in case of holidays or business trips, and to abuse them is not worth it. Let explain why: air conditioners is necessary for the smoothness of the hair and neutralize the effects of alkaline shampoos. Get that shampoo, cleaning, opens the hair cuticle, while conditioning on the contrary, it closes. If you mix these two squads, nothing good will not work.

4. Shampoo need to change
If the shampoo suits you, change it makes no sense. From your favorite tools should be abandoned only in cases where you changed the color of hair or you have dandruff. To do this, look for the instructions on the packaging that says what kind of shampoo is suitable for weak or coloured hair, dry or oily.

5. Shampoo should be applied on the whole length of the hair
In fact, washing your hair is literally wash the scalp and choose a shampoo should, on the basis of its features. Trihologi advise to apply the cleanser on the hair roots and gently massage with fingertips. The rest of the length of the hair will be sufficient and slightly soapy water, especially if you have dry ends. After washing, you can pay attention to hair, using care mask.