How to safely save on the trip: all the delights and dangers of search services companions

During the may holidays Ukrainians again faced with a shortage of tickets. Rehearsal of the summer is confirmed to go on vacation spontaneously still hard, and popular destinations are sold out a month in advance. Go to Lviv or Odessa in the rush hour can be either on the “upper side”, or in pricey ST., or bus which is slightly cheaper than SV and just as uncomfortable as the side shelves in the second-class carriage. Drive in your car with the current prices of gasoline will cost more — unless, of course, do not split the fuel costs between multiple passengers.

That is why in the last few years in Ukraine, is gaining momentum this method of travel, as travel together on the same machine. It’s cheaper, faster and often much more convenient than traveling by public transport. And to get to the coveted place, to vote on the track don’t need a ride or a companion can be easily found on the Internet. But it remains questionable safety: a few hours in the car with a stranger leave a good impression. How to make the trip pleasant and safe, found out Today.


Carpooling (from the English. car — pool and car — pool) or ridesharing (ride — ride and share — sharing) in Europe and the United States represents a whole movement. It’s part of the culture of collaborative consumption (Sharing Economy), which is aimed at saving natural resources. In Western countries, the driver and the passenger is encouraged to join at the state and municipal level: for example, in many cities a car with a cabin filled with passengers, can drive on a separate lane, while drivers of single hour peak need to move in the General stream. The calculation here is simple: the more people ride in one car means less cars on the road. And, accordingly, the less fuel will be burned, the less emissions go into the atmosphere. In addition to this, cabulary get serious savings personal funds — because the train, bus and even metro in Europe and the us are much more expensive than ours.

Ukrainians, in contrast to foreigners, while only embracing a culture of shared car trips. Online site to search for travel EN masse began to appear in our country only three or four years ago. Today “catch the car” or to find a passenger you can use the Internet at least ten different websites and thematic pages on social networks. It is enough to ask in search of route and date of departure and specify the one you are looking for driver or companion for the trip.

However, civilized services (registration, confirmation, contact information and a rating system of drivers and passengers) we still remain one. And the problem really is in our society are not accustomed to the obligations: often the drivers and passengers simply do not want to waste time filling out the registration form, and do not consider it necessary to tell about themselves and their requirements. But, meanwhile, an online hitchhiking has undoubted advantages, and many disadvantages. And the more you know about their coincidental travel companions, the lower the risk of getting bad impressions from the trip, to stay with the suitcases on the empty road or half a day to wait for passengers is optional.


Carpoolers-drivers also should observe a number of rules for the sake of safety and comfort. “Unpleasant, when the passengers disrupted the scheduled trip, — said the owner of the Nissan Ilya (regularly travels from Lviv to Kharkov via Kiev). — Sometimes attributed to that passing through town, and the man forces himself to wait 30-40 minutes. So ask about how much time you are willing to wait for a passenger. Also discuss the itinerary and the place where you plant person — so you do not have claims. And specify the approximate time you plan to spend in the way: one passenger accused me of being late for the train. I don’t smoke, so I warn you once that I do not stop for a smoke break. And be sure to stipulate the Luggage, especially if you take several passengers, the suitcases should not be on peoples knees.”

“As for security, I don’t take a trip to two and more familiar with each other men. I know a case where people in the back seat quietly drank alcohol, and then one got sick in the car, — says Ilya. — You can take family or friends and women. If it turns out, agree to a preliminary meeting, if a fellow traveler from another city is studying the profile on the website and ask for a link to the page in social networks. I also take passengers passport data and send to their relatives. And I reserve the right to inspect the passenger’s baggage if it is causing me suspicion.”


Behind the scenes it is believed that while traveling by hitchhiking more risks it is the passenger. It should adapt to the driver, to take in the circumstances, to tolerate his bad habits. “But it should not be, — assured carpooler with three years of experience, Olga from Kiev, Melnichenko. — Do not think that the driver is doing you a favor because luck cheaper. You pay the money, and therefore have the right to demand to itself respect. But for this we need to look for an adequate driver. I advise you never to choose at a price: the main selection criteria should be the driving record, the status and rating of the person on the site. Many sites publish the testimonials of people who have traveled with this driver, they must be read. Well, if the driver is in advance described in the profile your preferences: attitudes to speed, Smoking, music, Pets. Once I had to go in the back seat with a huge, though, and friendly, Labrador”.

Before the trip to contact the driver and discuss the trip. “You need to specify the meeting place and price, know personal information — name, surname, age, place of work. These data after a conversation, I always check in social networks, — says Olga. — Also, check the technical condition of the car and find out what will do the driver in the event of a breakdown: I had to add the driver to call a tow truck. However, the money he then returned to me. If possible, better to meet the driver before the trip, and ask him to show you the documents. The passport and the right take better pictures, and photos before you travel be sure to send to your loved ones. If you do not want to show documents or prohibit them to take pictures of the trip should be abandoned. And advice for girls: choose the driver-a woman, and if this is not possible — give preference to the driver who already has a few passengers, and among them are female. So to go you will be much calmer”.

Sometimes on trips I take and dogs


The advantages of joint visits quite a lot.

First, which is especially important for Ukrainians is to save. To get from point a to point B carpoolers in half to two times cheaper than the train or bus (see the table).

Secondly, the comfort and speed of movement. Not counting trains “intercity” railway transport in this regard, it loses to cars: for example, on the road to Kharkov ordinary train would have to spend 9 hours, while in the car, the distance can be overcome for 5-6 hours.

Thirdly, the opportunity to go out and drive wherever you need it. For example, it is not always carpooler have to go from the suburbs of the capital Kiev railway station, and drivers sometimes agree to take passengers almost out of the house. Fourth, an important role plays the company: in the night-long trip behind the wheel many need a companion who will not go to sleep and dispel the monotony of the road.

About the shortcomings of carpooling say not often, and mainly on Internet forums. But that they do not become less. The main so-called human factor. As a driver you can’t predict who will sit in the car and do not have any after a trip to unstick from the back seat chewing gum. And the passenger it is difficult to predict whether the driver cabs on the road, smoke in the cabin, or what kind of music you have to listen for several hours.

It also happens that someone of the companions breaks the agreement — for example, do not come or do not come to the meeting place. Then this might be due to breakage or disease, but the plans will still be disrupted. And finally, you cannot avoid situations when the driver requests a higher price than agreed in advance, or drops off passengers where it is convenient, not where it was previously negotiated.


To leave with a companion or as a companion not only to another city. Recently in Ukraine began to popular services dynamic carpooling — joint commutes. If people used to ride to work, neighbors and friends, now in search of savings ready to share their cars with all who will approach their daily itinerary to save, sharing with another person the cost of fuel. It looks the same as for long distance trips: download the mobile app or open a desired website on your computer, choose the route and looking for a driver or companion.

“I live on troyeschina, and work on the South Borshchagovka — from Kiev says Alena Shpak. — The road every day takes 3 hours of my time. Recently the Internet has found a man who lives on the next street, and three times a week in the morning goes in my direction. He drives me for 15 UAH, and it takes only 40 minutes.”

Now we have such services are few: a single resource is only in Kiev. But many successful looking for travel companions to work in social networks and free classified ads website. “From the point of view of security, it is not a good decision — said Olga, Melnichenko. Any ride with a stranger, even in your home town, places you at risk.

So before you hit the road, read the driver profile and inform loved ones a number of cars where you will go. It is important that the driver also saw that information about him and his car passed to other people.”


BlaBlaCar. One of the largest and most popular resources for searching travel companions. Runs as a website and as a mobile application. Aimed at long-distance and international travel (you can find a travel companion in Poland, Belarus, the Czech Republic). Pre-registration and/or binding profile from social networks. There is evidence of mobile phone and e-mail system reviews, rating carpooler on the website, it requirements to go. There is a search for travel on the criteria (e.g. female-only).

The ride. Website to search for travel between Ukrainian cities, mobile apps not. Many routes in the Crimea (proposals from carriers). The registration is required, but only for advertising. To search for the satellites to register optional. It is possible to add and view feedback, there is the rating of carpooler. Website convenient, but poorly moderated: a lot of spam in the reviews and the ads.

Ride. Website of long distance travel. A lot of suggestions to search for travel for regular trips to Kiev. Mobile apps no. To add the announcement or contact the person who posted your proposal, you need to register. There is a rating system, cabulary post your photo.

Hitchhiking. A small website without the mobile app. Direction mostly international (Russia, Germany). Registration via email is mandatory for the submission of ads. Ads are placed mostly carriers. The rating system and the ability to add reviews missing.

Easy2go. Search for travel companions to travel to Kiev. Works as a website and as an app, it is possible to “subscribe to the route” (to receive notification about new offers on the desired direction). For advertising and communication with other carpoolers need to go to the site using Facebook. The route search is performed by specifying the exact address of departure and arrival, and the system often produces on request 3-4 more or less suitable routes. Any suggestions to get from one end of the capital to another for a nominal 10 UAH.