Mother’s day in Ukraine: date, history and meaning of the holiday

Mother’s day in Ukraine: date, history and meaning of the holiday

Today we celebrate mother’s Day in Ukraine and the world in 2020

Olga Kozachok

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Today, may 10. it is one of the kindest, sweetest, joyful holidays of the year is mother’s Day. Ukraine, like many other countries in the world, celebrated in mid-may. What is this holiday, what is its history, is traditionally when mother’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine and worldwide, find out in our article.

Mother’s day in Ukraine Photo: Pexels

When celebrated mother’s Day

Mother’s day Ukraine traditionally celebrates the second Sunday in may. This happens according to the Decree of the President of Ukraine of 10 may 1999 No. 489/99.

Mother’s day in Ukraine in 2020 falls on Sunday, may 10.

Mother’s day in Ukraine and the world: the significance of the holiday

World mother’s Day is an international holiday established in honor of all mothers: those who begat children, and those who are just going to be a mom.

Potentially every woman is a mother, as many believe the main purpose of women is to give birth to, raise and educate children, to be the most native and close person from the moment of birth until the last days.

All people have the opportunity for life to have several relatives: husbands, wives, children, brothers and sisters. Even grandparents we have two. But my mother – the one and only for life, the mother and the person who gave the life of his child.

Mother’s day: the history of the holiday

In General, the celebration of mothers has a long history. Already 200 years ago the inhabitants of great Britain celebrated the second Sunday of lent “Parent Sunday” in honor of all mothers in the world.

And in America at the official level, mother’s Day was recognized more than a hundred years ago. And all thanks to the Philadelphia resident Anna Jarvis. This woman offered once a year to honor mothers. An initiative taken up by other American States and other States.

In our time, a mother’s holiday is celebrated in more than 50 countries around the world. Many of these dates do not coincide and fall on different days. For example, mother’s Day in Ukraine, as in most States, is celebrated on the second Sunday of may, in Belarus – on 14 October, in Russia – on the last Sunday of November, Georgia – March 3, Poland – may 26, and in many middle Eastern countries – March 21.

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