As the Vatican defends priests-pedophiles

High-ranking prelates of the Vatican, both Italian and foreign, coming very close to Pope Francis, the years were not given the go cases of sexual abuse against minors on the part of the beasts in cassocks. These cases exposes a new book by journalist, whom the Vatican sued in connection with Vatileaks. In the book “Lust” speaks of responsibility, silence, and mutual responsibility.

Three cardinal defending of pedophile priests, and was in C9, a team of nine high-ranking prelates helping Pope Francis in the governance of the Universal Church. Four Italian and a foreign priest who did not apply for serial child predators and tried to protect the Church from the register of requirements of reparation to the victims, came to the top of the hierarchy of the Holy see. In Italy, Spain, France, Belgium and South America other priests covering for the perpetrators of pedophilia, was awarded with important positions or call the Church decision.

In short, if the Vatican had been declared an open war against sexual crimes of his priests against children (“this is the most important battle that we must win at any cost”, as has been repeated by Pope Francis from the outset of his election to the throne of the Vatican) has already been almost four years since the beginning of the pontificate of Bergoglio in this struggle emerges more and more cracks. Amazing seem not only selected, but also why the phenomenon of bad people in robes still retains the scale: in the period from 2013 to 2015, as they say internal sources in the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, from worldwide dioceses received 1,200 allegations of “plausible” cases of violence and crimes against minors.

This number has almost doubled compared to the period 2005-2009. This trend is an indication that this plague is far from eradicated.

If the statements of the victims and their tormentors is practically nothing known (still canonical processes were protected by the Pontifical secret, and violators of silence at risk of strict penalties, including excommunication), and the Commission for the fight against pedophilia, organized on the initiative of Francis, gathered in plenary only three times since its inception in 2014 it has failed to introduce rules in the Vatican, even the obligation to apply to the ordinary courts, in the book “Lust”, which will be published by Feltrinelli Thursday January 19, narrated unheard stories about the concealment of high-ranking prelates worldwide sexual scandals under the guise of the Vatican for fear of getting information in the media about the current Italy protection system and the Church lobby, combined with economic interests, and even sexual proclivities.

A black man in the Vatican

The story of George Pell (George Pell) is very revealing in this respect. The Australian cardinal, Pope Francis has called to Rome with the intention to “moralize” the vicious Roman Curia. Today, the Pell is the head of the influential Economic office. In fact, he is the third man in the Vatican. Sorting out the materials of the Royal Commission investigating cases of pedophile priests, in secret documents of the diocese, the budget of the Australian Church, some letters, signed by the Prelate and his lawyers, the question arises, what Bergoglio has appointed the right person for this position. Not only because in the last few months five people accused him of sexual harassment in the period from 70’s to 80 years (the cardinal angrily denied those accusations), but because too often, when faced with the sexual crimes of priests, he was deprived of the victims of the possibility of justice and compassion, although he admitted the accuracy of their statements. According to the Commission’s investigation, “he refrained from taking adequate actions from the point of view of Christianity.” Of course, Pell tried to reduce the level of violence and at any price to protect the Treasury of his diocese against claims for damages.

The documents of judges of the organization created at the initiative of the Australian government, is a blow below the belt. Let’s start with the family business foster (Foster). Understanding the tragedy of the parents, Anthony and Christine, whose daughters Emma and Katie at young age was raped by a Catholic Director of schools Kevin O’donnell (Kevin O’donnell), Pell first tried to avoid any personal meetings with them (“if I meet with the foster family, I have to start seeing other people. I have very little time. What is their family different from others?”, he asked in 1996, in a letter to the lawyers of the family), and then tried to close the case with damages in the amount of, barely reaching 50 thousand Australian dollars, equal to 30 thousand Euro. MS foster told the judges that when they first met at their house Pell, faced with the discontent of her husband, who accused the priest, who was at that time Archbishop, in an effort to protect the Church’s purse, said dryly: “If you don’t like what we do, take us to court”. “At the second meeting with other parents of young victims of abuse by father O’donnell,” reads the Commission documents: “Mrs. foster recalls that on the question of why some priests are pedophiles still serve in the parishes of Melbourne, Archbishop Pell said: “It’s all gossip until the court will present evidence to the opposite, and I don’t listen to gossip”.

26 August 1998 Pell Fosters finally sends a letter of apology, the note accompanying the formal offer of redress of the younger girl Emma outlined a trusted Archdiocese lawyer Richard Leder (Leder Richard). 30 thousand euros. “Compensation is proposed to Emma in the hope that this will help her to rehabilitate and become a realistic alternative to our trial, where otherwise we will lead hard-line defense.” The girl’s parents, after reading the message, was furious: as for derogatory numbers, and threats in case of refusal of the offer, “to lead a tough line of defence”. “I agree that this expression was not too good, but I think that sometimes some words should not find offensive,” said Pell during the interrogation in 2014.

Devoid of mercy

The fosters in the result, resigned. Money is really small, but the family takes them. However, no benefit from them will not be In 2008, Emma committed suicide by taking a lethal dose of heroin that would make her forget about the touches and the looks of the old headmaster.

30 thousand euros, or 50 thousand Australian dollars, in fact, represent the maximum amount offered by the system of compensation created by the main assistant of Francis, the so-called “Melbourne Response”. This limit was raised to 75 thousand euros in 2008. The analysis of the accounting data of the Archdiocese of the city shows that in the period from 1996 to March 2014, nearly 300 victims requiring redress in connection with sexual abuse by priests, received an average of 32 thousand dollars each, that is about 20 thousand euros. Is the cost of Fiat 500 in good equipment.

This is an insignificant amount, including the fact that prior to 2001 under the control of Pell’s Archdiocese (in March of this year he was promoted and he became the Bishop of Sydney) very wealthy. It controls the two companies, Roman Catholic Trust Corporation (the Trust Corporation of the Roman Catholic Church) Catholic Development Fund (Fund Catholic development), which have cash, real estate (homes and apartments), they make investments in shares and bonds on the order of eight figures. In sum, the cost of revenues in 2013, given the financial profits and donations from the faithful, amounted to more than 108 million Australian dollars, while now under the control of the Archdiocese’s assets amount to almost 1.3 billion. Exactly: $ 1.3 billion. In fact, to close vexatious claims in the case of pedophilia, local priests, Pell and his followers refused from the total amount, barely component of 10 million Australian dollars, that is 0,7% of the state of the diocese.

After a few years after the Fosters took money for treatment of Emma, they decide to deal sparingly if earthly justice in the same measure as the divine and start a civil process. This turns on its head the philosophy of the system, Melbourne Response, significantly raising the bar of the amount of damage compensation: the process the Church is forced to agree to the payment of the Fosters 750 thousand dollars.

The case Emma is not the only one that puts Pell in an awkward position. Among the tens of thousands of documents of the Royal Commission have papers and records proving his diocese, skimping on assistance to victims, in no way limited in this support released from prison priests are pedophiles. Governor Pell, Archbishop Denis James HART (Denis James Hart), who became famous in Australia that kicked a woman who wanted to apply for sexual assault of a priest with the words “Go to hell, bitch!”, during interrogation, admitted that the diocese of Melbourne has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to assist ex-priests-pedophiles, paying them a salary, rent, pension, medical insurance and even car insurance.

An internal document dated 2 October 1996, shows that under the chairmanship of Pella was held the meeting where he and high-ranking prelates discussed how to assist the three priests, among whom were Michael Glennon (Michael Glennon) after their release from prison. “Paragraph 15. Offers of assistance to the priests emerging from prison,” we read in the minutes of the meetings “the Possibility of allocation of a place (separate apartments) in the building of Box Hill. Father McMahon (MacMahon) talked about the necessary medical care and, at the request of Archbishop Pell spoke about the need for such assistance.” If the father Wilfred Baker (Wilfred Baker), which account for harassment 21 children, have received from the Curia, in addition to pensions and allowances for rent 21 thousand dollars until 2014 (this is the maximum size of pensions, it was noted in the newspaper the Age), Desmond Gannon (Desmond Gannon) and David Daniel (Daniel David), also convicted of sexual crimes just began to get curtailed salaries. The judges subsequently found that a series of wire transfers to help the pedophile Gannon was organized in such a way that “information about care could not be made public”. The report says that money to help those in disfavor of Australian priests were taken from the accounts of the Pension Fund of the Church, which is largely financed by contributions from parishioners. Paradoxically, there were also several families of victims of violence.

Concealing crimes

But the cardinal, supported on the part of Francis, there are other skeletons in the closet: he defended a serial pedophile Gerald Risdale (Gerald Risdale), his former neighbor, (as follows from the materials of the Royal Commission, where there was a photograph of Pella under the hand of this maniac: despite the serious accusations, he decided to accompany him on the first due process hearing; however, neither Pell or other Catholic bishops never accompanied in the courts of the victims of their fellow pedophiles), he also did not want to listen to a boy who informed him the priest Edward Dolan (Edward Dowlan) was molested by some boys in a Catholic College Ballarat, the home town of cardinal (“He told me, “don’t be ridiculous” when he left the room, not paying me much attention, says in his testimony, witness Timothy green (Timothy Green), his reaction made me the impression that he was familiar with the brother Dolana, but could not or did not want to do anything in this regard”).

But that’s not all. The Minister of economy of the Vatican tried to bribe one of the victims (“he asked me what I want, to me it has ceased to worry,” says a survivor of harassment, the nephew of the father of Risdale. I’m confused called my sister and told her that the bastard tried to bribe me”), he also gave false testimony, at least one of the cases of pedophilia, not to pay the victim damages. Despite the charges, dozens of serious evidence and documents proving the facts of concealment of crimes and their assumption, Pell has continuously received the support of the Vatican and is still included in the Council of nine, a group, consisting of nine cardinals appointed by the Pope to assist him in the governance of the Universal Church.

This is not the only case of a highly controversial promotion. A close ally of the Pope is Francisco Errazuriz (Francisco Errazuriz), also enter into the circle close to the Pope. Former Archbishop of Santiago de Chile, which is today a 90 representatives of the Holy see, together with his vicar Ezzati Ricardo (Ricardo Ezzati) and the new Bishop of Osorno, Juan Barros Madrid (Juan Barros Madrid) was involved in a scandal related Karadima father Fernando (Fernando Karadima). The priest, as confirmed by the cardinal himself, taught three generations of Chilean prelates. It was sort of a “Holy life”, according to the middle class and all of the clergy of Santiago, in this case, as the charges four people, ordinary judges and even of the Congregation for the doctrine of the faith, he was hiding behind this image of a completely different face — a serial criminal who ruined the lives of teenagers.

Investigation forensic investigator Jessica Gonzales (Jessica Gonzales) can be reduced to a document of 84 pages, where rekonstruiruet stages of an internal investigation of the Chilean Curia, and shows the attempt of the father Errazuriz to avoid scandal by endless delays in the proceedings: despite the fact that the cardinal was aware of the facts of violence Karadima in 2003, Errazuriz send related documents to Rome in 2010 when the victim, who failed to get justice after referring to his cardinal, decided to tell about the violence to the wider public.

Errazuriz explains in the report that never believed the accusations, laughing at those who are at home accuses him of concealing the crime. Of course, in 2006, after the “suspension” of an internal investigation, which wanted to continue with the other members of his Curia, he asked don Karadimou to retire. But solely on the grounds of advanced age. “Dear Fernando, we can read in the private message, published by the Chilean newspaper, is a celebration of your 50 years in Sana’a will be a great anniversary, no one can say that it was not noted properly.”. Criminal court at the end of the trial confirmed the facts of violence, but was forced to withdraw from punishment subject to the Statute of limitations crimes. The congregation Karadimou sentenced to “life in prayer”. In 2013 was opened a civil case against the Archdiocese of Santiago, which the part of four of the victims sued for 450 million pesos.

In conjunction with Pell and Errazuriz in the Council of nine cardinals is also Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, coordinator of the group and one of the cardinals, which most heeded by the Pope. Few know that between 2003 and 2004, the cardinals were taken in one of the dioceses under the supervision of the Archdiocese of Tegucigalpa in Honduras, the priest, accused by the police of Costa Rica in sexual harassment. Hiding a criminal, don Enrique Vasquez (Enrique Vasquez) was wanted by Interpol since 1998: on the run between Nicaragua, new York, Connecticut, and a sanatorium for priests in Mexico, don Enrique a few months would be hiding in Guinope where he will get a parish, under the control of the Archdiocese of Maradiaga. Journalist Brooks Egerton (Brooks Egerton) says that at the time he was able to interview the Secretary of Maradiaga for the newspaper Dallas Morning News, which did not deny the presence of a pedophile, but minimized his role in the parish. In effect the cardinal, however, did not want to answer his questions. “How to tell the Interpol agent, who I interviewed, officials of the diocese realized that they had problems with don Enrique, and got rid of it,” suggests Eggerton. But Maradiaga — not one of those who is in hiding, he never expressed any words on this subject: a year before the arrival of Vazquez in his diocese, in an open conference in Rome, he explained that even when dealing with a priest accused of pedophilia, it would “would rather go to jail than to harm one of my priests… For me it would be a tragedy to reduce the role of the pastor to the function of the police. We must not forget that we are pastors, not agents of the FBI or the CIA.”

Among the cardinals, condone what has been the crimes in the book “Lust” also describes the contradictory position Timothy Dolan (Timothy Dolan), Archbishop of new York, who, at the head of the American Council of bishops gave its consent to the payment from 2007 to 2015 of accounts in favour of large lobbying companies to (of course, not declared) to block the adoption of the law (or at least modify it) for the rejection of the claim of the Statute of limitations for victims of pedophilia.

Esprit de corps and the silence also became the hallmarks of the behavior of the French cardinal Philippe “Barbarella” (Philippe Barbarin) and the Italian Domenico Calcagno (Domenico Calcagno), and close to Francis people like Monsignor Danneels Godfried (Godfried Danneels), Archbishop Emeritus of Brussels, delivered Bergoglio at the head of the list of the Synod fathers: is it possible that the Pope was not familiar with the discouraging data (which was never published in Italy), with which the cardinals were trying to protect the lustful Bishop? The original documents and evidences show that in 2017 the system by which Church officials to protect their black sheep, in spite of timid attempts to destroy it, still running at full power.