5 heartwarming movies about moms for mother’s Day

5 heartwarming movies about moms for mother’s Day

A selection of soulful films mother’s Day

Darina Alekseeva

Yesterday, 10:35

In the films motherhood became a Central theme. A sentimental film or mind-blowing Comedy – celebrate this mother’s Day with one of these fun movies that you can watch together with your whole family and give to their mothers unforgettable moments.

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Biographical film about the life of a beauty Erin Brockovich – a twice-divorced single mother of three children. Erin gets a job as a legal assistant and makes a huge power company to pay compensation to the victims who suffered from the pollution of city water supply. Starring Julia Roberts and albert Finney.

The film tells about the lives of four families. Sandy is a divorced mother of two boys, whose ex-husband Henry had recently married a young woman. Sandy is still getting used to it, when he meets Bradley, a former marine, in the supermarket. Miranda is a successful author who has achieved success through the drama in his personal life. Friend Christine – Jesse – encourages the girl to find her mother, and Jessie herself is going through problems with their parents, who do not accept the choice of his daughter. It turns out that the lives of the characters are incredibly interconnected.

Four women attended the monthly book club for 30 years and have become good friends. Women lead a calm and quiet life and it would seem, are not going to change anything. Heroine think that everything in life is learned and experienced. Once they fall into the hands of the erotic novel that became a bestseller. After reading their life radically changed and it appears that it is still much unknown.

Probably the most fun film on mother’s Day, which shows that even if things got out of control – mom always finds a way. The main character of this obscene Comedy – Amy Mitchell, played by Mila kunis a married woman living in suburban Chicago with two kids. Amy feels overwhelmed work and life, though outwardly her life seems perfect. At one point Amy teams up with her friends to blow off steam and hang.

Classic family Comedy “cheaper by the dozen” will be a great movie to watch on mother’s Day. The film tells the story of parents who sacrificed a lot to raise twelve children. When the mother, Kate goes to the presentation of his book in new York, a dozen children left in the care of Tom, and all that can create a herd of kids.

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