At Times named the date when may will start Brexit mechanism

Prime Minister Theresa may will apply article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty, triggering a two-year exit of a member country of the European Union community on March 9. With such a forecast was made by the Times newspaper.

The publication notes that, despite the fact that the head of the Cabinet of Ministers does not intend was obviously to announce the date of the start Brexit mechanism and is officially a designated limit feature of the end of March, on Monday, the government informed the house of lords, which wants the bill to exit of the United Kingdom from the EU would be approved on 7 March.

The next day, the Finance Minister Philip Hammond will deliver the budget message, and March 9 in Malta will start a two-day EU summit, which may and will have the opportunity to announce the introduction of article 50.

Earlier , Theresa may, told MPs on the willingness to disclose a detailed plan to bring the country out of the European Union in the form of so-called “white book”.

Mei is going to take this step in order to enlist the support of a number of MPs-conservatives, who have expressed a desire to see the plan before the parliamentary vote on the issue to start the process of Brexit.

As reported, the UK Supreme court denied may’s opportunity to start the process of withdrawal from the EU without the approval of Parliament.