Be aware of the barbarism and horror: the EU made an appeal in honor of the holiday

Europe should become stronger after the pandemic coronavirus assured of the policy

European Parliament President David Sassòli, head of the European Council Charles Michel and European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen was made on Saturday with a joint statement in the occasion of Europe Day, celebrated on may 9. In his address, they stressed that Europe as well as overcome the consequences of the Second world war should become stronger after the current crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus.

In the crisis of coronavirus , the European Union, according to its leaders, “to act boldly to ensure the functioning of the single market”, allowing to deliver medicines and medical supplies where they were needed, to provide residents of all countries of the Union products and Essentials.

The EU has taken “unprecedented decision” to provide the governments of its countries financial capacity to overcome the crisis, has allocated 100 billion euros to maintain employment, and the European Central Bank provided unprecedented conditions for lending to households and businesses.

“Let us remember the spirit of Robert Schuman and his peers – inventive, daring and pragmatic. They showed that out of moments of crisis requires new political thinking and a departure from the past”, – the statement says.

The leaders of the EU institutions recalled celebrated on the eve of the 75 anniversary of the end of the Second world war in Europe.

“We must always remember the horrors and barbarism of war and the sacrifices made to stop it, they said. – Today we think about what happened next. Let us remember the generation of 1950-ies, which believed that from the ruins of war to build a better Europe and a better world, and building them. If we master these lessons, if we are United in solidarity and will to defend our values, Europe will again be able to emerge from the crisis and become stronger than before”, – the statement says.


On 9 may 1950, the foreign Minister of France Robert Schuman presented a proposal to combine the main at that time the resources of those who fought against each other European countries and create common institutions. This, in his opinion, would make the war not just unthinkable, but materially impossible.

“His words changed the course of history and laid the Foundation on which it and the subsequent generation has built a European Union that we have today”, – stressed in his address the EU leaders.

We will remind, recently the European Union agreed on a Declaration which States that Russia was responsible for the war with Ukraine. The author of this initiative is Poland, which with the support of the Baltic States, Finland, Sweden, Holland and Denmark have made direct reference to the Russian aggression against Ukraine.