Britain weakens quarantine: what restrictions will cancel

In the coming days will begin outdoor markets, which closed its doors a month and a half ago

Quarantine measures are imposed in great Britain in connection with flash COVID-19, be eased in the country since may 11. It is reported by the “Sunday Times”.

According to the publication, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, presenting a plan for the gradual easing of the quarantine, will report at 19:00 local time, that as of may 11 will be allowed to play sports more than once on the street while maintaining a distance of 2 m between people. According to the previous regulations, which came into force on 23 March, jog, walks, bike rides and so on in the fresh air were allowed only once a day.

In addition, as noted in the article, may 13, will begin outdoor markets, which closed its doors a month and a half ago.

Also, as expected, Johnson will announce that since the beginning of June, all arriving in the country, the people, and the British and citizens of other countries will be required to isolate themselves for two weeks. Violators can be fined up to 1 thousand pounds or even deported, if we are talking about foreigners.

According to the publication, the main purpose of this step is to avoid a second wave of infections. The government’s plans have already attracted criticism from travel agencies and airlines who expressed fears that such stringent measures will put an end to hopes of recovery of tourism in the near future, both internal and offsite.

According to the latest official data, the number of infections in the Kingdom has exceeded 215 thousand, the number of deaths – 31,5 thousand Authorities claim that the peak of the outbreak caused by a novel coronavirus, in the UK overcome. The number of new infections and the number of patients in hospitals consistently decrease, since mid-April, and decreases the mortality rate.

In the government warn of the dangers of abrupt withdrawal of restrictive measures and pay attention to the fact that the return to normal life must be very gradual.

It was also reported that Britain was on the verge of the largest in 300 years of economic downturn.