“You had a choice between war and dishonor. You chose dishonour and now we will have a war.”
Winston Churchill

When Hitler, at the request of Franco gave the order for the merciless bombing of Spanish cities, towns and sea ports, Prime Minister of Spain, Juan Negrin (Juan Negrín) sent a number of diplomatic missions to Paris to ask aid.

However, neither the French nor the English government has not responded to the request of Spanish diplomats. Then the Spaniards said to my colleagues that if we do not stop the Fuehrer, after Madrid, German aircraft start bombing Paris, London, Amsterdam and Brussels.

Paralyzed with fear of European leaders, and they did not dare to fight back to Hitler, for which he paid dearly not only their country but the whole world.

History teaches us that the minute planetary threats world leaders need to act quickly, courageously and boldly.

Churchill was able to fully understand the true intentions of Hitler, and strongly opposed the Munich agreement of 1938. While Chamberlain believed that the way to achieve peace. He chose dishonor and got war.

The Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau (Justin Trudeau) are true to the traditions of the English crown abandoned to their fate by the Mexican government in connection with trump’s desire to withdraw from the Treaty on free trade. Trudeau had treacherously joined the Trump, not realizing that the new occupant of the White house — the identity of the insidious, evil, accustomed to satisfy all their whims. Sooner or later Canadians in woeful solitude will have to confront Trump in the protection of their interests.

Trump has absorbed the worst qualities of all of us, including allies and enemies of the United States.

Hitler is a symbol of the worst qualities of Germans, he unleashed the Second world war and the Holocaust gave the Jews. It is the personal responsibility for the deaths of 60 million people

We must not forget that trump is also commander in chief of the most powerful army in the world.

It’s one thing when a guy who suffers from emotional and mental disorders, is playing with a loaded gun caliber of 45 mm, and quite another thing when in his hands the nuclear button that can destroy humanity on Earth.

Trump managed to charm his supporters in the Republican party, he tricked lured to his side of the electoral votes and is now ready to destroy all the good that was done by his predecessor.

The same tactics trump chose against Mexico. But he will not stop. His plan is to conquer the whole world, but not in a military way as it tried to make Hitler and the economic. To achieve this goal, the United States has huge financial possibilities, and can as a weapon to use trading, financial leverage, as well as the dollar as the world currency.

In this case, America is becoming a kind of giant global company — a monopolist, whose leader has the sole right to absolute truth.

In the book of Joshua Cooper (Joshua Cooper) “the incredible era”, the author argues that global capitalism increases gap between rich and poor, and the war against international terrorism will engender such terrorists, which the world had never seen.

But trump goes far beyond global capitalism. He declared an open war on terror, while humanity is to have hope for peace, tranquility and stability.

Hitler had weapons in Spain, while world powers abandoned to their fate of Republican Spain. Trump (Yankees–Hitler) as a test site in Mexico. It is here that he wants to demonstrate to the world that if anyone dares to refuse to comply strictly with its instructions and wishes, they will suffer the fate of Mexico.

Citizens of the world: don’t leave Mexico at the mercy of fate, the next could be you…