The demonstration in the Venezuelan capital came under fire

Organized by the opposition demonstration in the Venezuelan capital came under fire. The incident took place in the Candelaria, nobody has suffered, transfers TV channel “112 Ukraine”.

The protesters accused members of the so-called “colectivos” – organizations that support the government. According to the opposition, was made at least 30 shots.

“Colectivos” fired at demonstrators directly to the Director-General of the National Bolivarian police,” – wrote in his Twitter participated in the March member of National Assembly, Gaby Arellano. She blamed law enforcement agencies in that they act against “peaceful protesters, not armed “colectivos”. In several other areas of Caracas, the national guard was used again to disperse opposition demonstrations with tear gas.

From the beginning of April in Venezuela are large-scale street protests against the Executive. Non-governmental organization “Centre of monitoring of social conflict” (OVCS) counted 946 such performances, during which 44 people were killed. The General Prosecutor’s office acknowledged the death of 36 people.

The governments of several countries in the region – Argentina, Brazil, Guatemala, Honduras, Colombia, Costa Rica, Mexico and Paraguay – last week, condemned the “excessive use of force by the Venezuelan authorities against the civilian population, arrange the procession”.