The heads of SSE “Chernobyl special plant” caught on a large bribe (photo)

Law enforcement officers exposed the scheme of the laundering of public funds, established by the Director of the State specialized enterprise “Chernobyl special plant” and his Deputy. So, for the victory of a certain company in the bidding men asked for “rollback” in the amount of 432 thousand hryvnia. When trying to obtain an improper payment, they were detained by employees of the investigation Department of military Prosecutor of the Central region, of the Department of economic protection of national police of Ukraine and fighters of special forces “CORD”.

Bribe officials demanded the Director of one of private enterprises in exchange for a victory in tenders for the supply of diesel fuel. As the head of the interior Ministry Arsen Avakov, heads of “Chernobyl special plant” promised the company not only win the bidding, but the inflated cost of fuel after testing.

“Officials not only ensured business win tenders, but also promised to inflate the cost of diesel fuel after testing. For a “small service” demanded 432 thousand hryvnia,” – wrote Avakov in his post.

In particular, as reports a press-service of military Prosecutor’s office, heads of GSP originally requested 700 thousand hryvnia, but the amount was reduced to 432 thousand. They reported that the businessman for his “victory” should reduce the price of fuel by up to 17 UAH per 1 liter (the market value is 19,70 UAH), and after the victory, promised to increase it to 19,70 UAH per liter, and the profits divided.

About this requirement, an entrepreneur reported to law enforcement. In the future, after the victory of his company in the bidding, it was awarded the contract on the purchase of fuel for the sum of 1,2 million UAH and UAH 3.4 million and an additional agreement about change of the prices on 19,70 UAH per 1 liter.

When it came time to pay for this scheme the leaders of the SHGs were detained and “bribe” are withdrawn.

The Director of state enterprise and his Deputy demanded 432 thousand for a victory in tenders. Photo:

In relation to offenders preparing a notice under part 4 of article 368 UK of Ukraine (receiving a bribe) and the petition in court about election of a measure of restraint in form of custody, their removal from office and arrest of temporarily seized property.