5 films about the Second world war May 9

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5 films about the Second world war May 9

All movies are available for legal viewing online

Darina Alekseeva

Today, 17:49

May 9 marked the completion of one of the worst periods in the history of mankind, which, in turn, claimed millions of lives of Ukrainians.

From war-torn novels to bloody battles new selections Today.Lifestyle military movies that talk about the horrors of war, the epicentre of which was the fate of ordinary people. The second world war found its reflection in the world of cinema that reminds us about the sacrifices that were brought during the global conflict. All films are available for viewing online on the platform oll.tv.

Earlier we shared a selection of new TV shows that came out in 2019-2020.

What to watch home movies, the victory Day over Nazism in the Second world war

Frame from the film “Operation Valkyrie” Photo: Imdb.com

The American war film set in 1944. When Nazi Germany experiencing more military defeats, a group of higher officers of the German army is a conspiracy to overthrow the Nazi regime. Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg personally leads the operation on the physical elimination of the führer, Adolf Hitler.

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A scene from the movie “Battle for Sevastopol”/”indestructible” Photo: film.ua

The film is based on the true story of legendary female sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko, whose name was on the lips of every soldier: the enemies gave her hunt, and allies proudly marched into battle. The fragile girl had become a strong and invincible woman. Lyudmila Pavlichenko passed through many trials, the most serious of which was the love that she could take the war.

A scene from the movie “Spy game” Photo: Imdb.com

The basis of the movie is the real life story of us baseball player Morris Berg, who was in the “spare” baseball team “Boston Red SOx”. His identity was shrouded in mystery, because in the 30 years of the Morris entered the service of US intelligence, and in the years of the Second world war took part in covert operations. Before Morris is given a task – to enter the environment of Heisenberg, the German developer of the atomic bomb, and, if necessary, to kill.

Frame from the film “Checked – no mines”, 1965 Photo: YouTube

If you are looking for Soviet war films, we offer to viewing military drama 1965 a joint production of Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union. In 1944 Belgrade was liberated from Nazi occupation, but the retreating Nazi soldiers are preparing an operation to blow up the city. Now the Soviet and Yugoslav engineers have to check each site to prevent the explosion. However, the heroes do not suspect that before retreating the Germans had mined the city’s sewer system.

“Judenkreis, or Eternal wheel” Photo: YouTube

Military melodrama, filmed at the film Studio. Dovzhenko, talks about the first beauty of the village – Marichka. Having been in the play about don Juan, Marichka lights the thirst for adventure and love. Once in Bukovina border town comes a young and charming soldier. Meanwhile, military action aggravated. Starring Bogdan Stupka Svetlana Krut, Peter Beniuk, Tamara Yatsenko, Konstantin Stepankov, Leo Perfilov, Taras Denysenko and others.

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May 9 the TV channel “Ukraine” has prepared the premiere of the war drama “the Last days of the war.”