Espresso (Ukraine): Russia has no right to celebrate the Day of victory over Nazism – Klimkin

The Russian Federation and in the future unleash war, and therefore can not celebrate the victory Day over Nazism. The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine in the years 2014-2019 Pavlo Klimkin said in “the Big broadcast” Basil of Winter, which was released may 8, 2020 on Еспресо.TV.

“We don’t need is on any terms to give Russia the victory over Nazism, as she tries to take her hostage and take us,” he said.

“I believe that Russia has no moral right to celebrate this holiday, because the main principle of our and European memory is “Never again.” And Russia will use this day to mobilize and unleash the new war, such as we have, such as in Georgia, and in General to build an absolute new model,” — said Klimkin.

The Ukrainians, he said, should be vigilant not to succumb to Moscow’s provocations with the story.

“We must not be conducted on the Russian attempts to divide us. There are just all Ukrainians who died in the wars, no matter which side of the empires they fought. That was history, and in our history there were many difficult moments — they really gave their lives for Ukraine. Here you need to put a point and then if you want to fight this historic war, and it is also a war with Russia. And this war must be won,” — said the diplomat.