NATO will help Ukraine in the aftermath of a fire in Balakleya

NATO has supported a request from Ukraine on assistance in liquidation of consequences of explosions of the Arsenal in Balakleya in Kharkiv region. This was during the roundtable said the head of the NATO Mission in Ukraine, Director of the NATO liaison Office in Ukraine Alexander Vinnikov.

“NATO has supported a request from Ukraine for help in the aftermath. And now the allies and partners to consider this request through the Euro-Atlantic coordination centre for disaster response and hope that soon will be given specific suggestions for assistance to Ukraine”, – he said.

Vinnikov said that the NATO “peace and security” is now considering how to strengthen existing support for Ukraine.

It is also reported that this year in Ukraine there will arrive delegation of the NATO Council.

As reported, the military Arsenal in Balakleya exploded in a fire the night of March 23. Because of the danger have been evacuated about 20 thousand people. As a result of the exploding shells killed one woman, another 5 people were injured.

On March 24, the fire was extinguished, but pockets of corruption still remained till March 26.
As of the morning of 27 March, the territory of the city balakliia and nine nearby settlements were cleared of explosive objects.

In Balakleya returned all evacuated because of explosions at a military Arsenal residents.