Seven good reasons to change jobs: the advice of psychologists

Dissatisfaction with work can lead to more devastating consequences than it might seem at first glance. Sure American psychologists.

According to experts, the frustration of daily work may lead to depression, excessive irritability and other psychological problems that will affect other areas of life, reports “New time”.

You annoying colleagues

Each team found the person you want to chat the least, but if negative emotions cause virtually all of colleagues – it says that you are either unlucky with the team or on the “poisonous” atmosphere. But in any case, this situation will contribute to the good work because of permanent stress.

You can’t stand the head

There are many reasons why you may not like your boss, but if you don’t like how he behaves with his subordinates is a reason to think about changing jobs.

You hate Sundays

Despite the fact that it’s a weekend, many people are thinking that tomorrow is Monday and you need to go to work. They get depressed and dreading a new day. If you are one of these people, then you need to consider whether to remain in the job.

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You have no free time

According to psychologists, for a happy life, you must adhere to the balance between work and personal life. Lack of relaxation and chatting with loved ones can contribute to professional burnout and even have a negative impact on family relationships. It is therefore important to build a work schedule not to the detriment of personal time.

You find it hard to focus on work

During the working day periodically distracted – that’s fine, but if you are a competent employee, and for a long time so it is impossible to work productively – this suggests that you do not fit this job. Also, it speaks of depression and dissatisfaction with life.

You constantly complain about work

According to psychologists, is the most obvious reason why you should think about changing jobs. Moreover, constant complaints will only aggravate the negative feelings and work becomes unbearable.

You are constantly annoyed

If you always something annoying, and you break down in detail on the colleagues, friends and family is reason to wonder whether the reason for this behavior work. If Yes, then you need to either deal with the causes of irritation, or to change jobs, because otherwise it will deteriorate not only psychological, but also physical health.