Jogging prolongs life: doctors counted a run in extra years of life

Regular Jogging linked with increased life expectancy by several years. This was reported by American physicians who conducted a study and published it in the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Diseases.

According to a weekly two-hour jog for 40 years is linked, scientists believe that with the increase of human life on a 2.8-3.2 years compared with those who do not pay attention to such physical activity.

At the same time, experts also found that regular Jogging for 25 to 40 percent reduces the risk of premature death.

The findings of scientists is valid even for those people who occasionally smoke, drink alcohol or have ever had excess body weight. Scientists note that upon receipt of such assessments focused on white middle-class Americans.

At the same time physicians do not name the exact reason why Jogging extends life, but the most likely hypothesis, according to which in such physical activity occur aerobic exercise on the body, which is one of the factors of longevity.