Why Arab nationalists like Putin’s Russia?

Since Allah has favored us with Islam, and the Islamic conquest spread to our region, our arabized country to live in unity under the sovereignty of the centralized state — the state of the Caliphate. This situation persisted for centuries until, while centralized power could be corrupted and disintegrated at the end of the Ottoman rule. The Caliphate was abolished. Once United the Arab world was divided into small States. These countries were divided with imaginary boundaries that we have drawn the colonialists in accordance with the agreement Sykes-Picot. Ironically this separation, which affected the nation, was carried out largely by the hands of those Arab nationalists who called for unity of the Arab nation and its independence from the Ottoman Empire!

The intertwining goals of Russia and the Arab nationalists to overthrow the Ottoman Empire

The collapse of the Ottoman Empire occurred for two main reasons. First, it is the war, which exhausted Ottoman state. Empire in its last days was not ready and able to solve problems due to the spread of corruption, tyranny, neglect of the training of armies. Tsarist Russia was accompanied by great success in these wars, and she continued to weave the threads of the conspiracy for the overthrow of the Caliphate. The Russian Empire sent their missionaries in dependent of the great Ports of the country and stoked there is confusion and unrest. Russia considered itself the guardian of the Orthodox faith and joined the war in Alliance with Europe, perceiving them as sacred. In total there were thirteen Russian-Ottoman wars, the last of which during the First world war ended with the collapse of the Ottoman and Russian empires. However, the collapse of the Ottoman Empire was very painful and as a result has led to the loss and fragmentation of its whole territory. While the collapse of the Russian Empire resulted in the establishment of a new Empire — the Soviet Union. The Union became one of the major powers that had dominated the world for 70 years.

As for the second point, it is secular and Pro-Western movement that began to emerge in the early nineteenth century and spread with the formation of organizations by the middle of the century. Then they found another national dimension to the end of the reign of Sultan Abdelhamid II with the emergence of groups of type “Union and progress” “the young Turks” in Turkey and of the groups like “Mudaraba”, which was founded in the mainstream Arab nationalist thought, and were a reaction to anti-Arab course on “Unity and progress”. This course has led to confusion and identified the gap in relations between Turks and Arabs have caused problems between them, thus creating a favorable environment for the development of nationalist thoughts and gaining a more concrete form. It is worth noting that this idea first arose from the Christians of sham (the Levant) in the missionary schools. However, such education has not prevented the Muslim elites and individuals such as ‘ Abd al-Rahmaan al-kawakibi, calling for the return of the Caliphate to the Arabs, resulting in an argument of his innocence unacceptable tyranny of the Ottoman Empire. Followers of this idea were present in all strata of Arab society. In its Wake was a call for the great Arab revolt in 1916 under the leadership of Sharif Hussein. The uprising was coordinated by Britain, which deceived the Arab people and manipulated them that are then confirmed by the agreement of Sykes-Picot.

“Indeed, the allies broke the brotherly Treaty between the two Nations and their societies and individuals. The families of these peoples moved and expelled from their lands, seized property and capital. We gave advice, but they have not listened. And we decided that Allah will help us to gain independence, we fought with allies. Our country was completely separated from the Ottoman Empire. And we announced our independence with impeccable foreign intervention. This happened without external dictates that have brought us to the goal — the victory of Islam, settling the Affairs of Muslims based on all of our proposals on the provisions and principles of justice.”

This part of the publication, which Sharif Hussein was deceiving the common people during the Arab uprisings.

Russia and the Arab nationalists found each other. Their goals converged in one: getting rid of the Ottoman Caliphate and its collapse. We, directly or indirectly, jointly cooperate to achieve this goal as long as the Caliphate fell.

The Soviet Union’s role in supporting the establishment of national States and the Zionist entity

The Soviet Union was born from the womb of the Russian Empire in 1922 and lasted until 1991. After the Second world war, the Union was able to regain control and to leave the borders of the Russian Empire, excluding Poland and Finland. At the same time [Arab] nation-state with a nationalist at the head are unable to achieve any progress towards independence, freedom and to come to the alleged unity. They even failed in the protection of Palestine, so that it fell into the hands of the Zionist gangs in 1948. Gamal Abdel Nasser was elected first President of Egypt in 1956. Disconcerting that after that he declared the unity with Syria, which lasted for two years before their breakup in 1961. It is entrenched in the minds of the Arab public: the failed experience of the unity and complexity of his achievements.


© AP Photo, Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser in Cairo. 1956

The Soviet Union wanted to provide support to Arab States in their wars against Israel, arming most of the Arab armies, especially Egypt and Syria. Thanks to the secret negotiations in 1955, Egypt was able to buy huge quantities of Soviet weapons, which allowed the Soviet Union to significantly strengthen its influence in the middle East. On the other hand, this country was the first to recognize Israel even before it was time to make the United States of America, have recognized Israel three days after its formation. Permanent representative of the Soviet Union in United Nations 1946-1948 years Andrei Gromyko often talked about the legitimate right of the Jewish people in Palestine. He accused the Palestinians that they are “not fighting for their national interests and their independence, and fighting against the rights of Jews in their search for their own independent state”. Since then, Israel has used political, military and demographic support of the Soviet Union. The USSR was one of the many countries that supplied the occupation state of the immigrants who supported the pillars of the occupation by all means. This position is support of Israel was justified by the fact that there was always only one logic in foreign policy, namely, the logic of what is best for the Soviet Union?

The Soviet Union was interested in the Zionist education and conservation in the region more than anything else, to be the guardian of this commodity and its surety. The Soviet Union is absolutely calm attitude to the unlimited American support to occupation state. The Soviet Union remained committed to its relationship with Israel even in times of diplomatic break through secret negotiations. Despite this, the leaders of the “nationalist ideas” in the region traded dreams of peoples and were proud of their relationship with the Soviet Union, seeing it as his patron in a fair case against the occupation! The Soviet Union was interested in this relationship in the same way as they were interested in maintaining balance in the region and of Soviet influence in it. With regard to the League of Arab States as a symbol of the unity of the Arab world, the Union from the beginning has made reservations in relation to the establishment of the League, arguing that “the purpose of the League should serve the struggle of the progressive forces in the Arab world who seek real independence of their countries”.

The Russian Federation, nationalism and support of the counter-revolution

Immediately after the heyday of the revolutions of the “Arab spring”, a new popular movement among Arab youth, which called for the establishment of a unified Arab state and exemption existed for many years regimes. Corruption and tyranny have spread everywhere and become the cornerstone for the support of the occupation that even their fates became intertwined. Instead of followers of the nationalist idea of taking these young people, they accused them of treason and condemned since found their instrument for undermining and destruction of the homeland, especially after the coming to power of Islamists.

This setup is fully consistent with the Russian position. After the “Arab spring” Russia said that “she could lose more than $ 10 billion if they stopped the transaction for the supply of arms to the Arab countries, faced or who will face the revolutions and popular uprisings against the government”. It would have pushed Moscow back in its quest to reclaim their customers from the Soviet era. The current Prime Minister and former President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev said that “his country is directly dependent on current events in the middle East, and that these events may bring to power those whom he called “extremists””.

After Putin came to power, he was able to return to the consciousness of tsarist Russia with all its dark past, and the struggle became sharper and clearer. Thus, Russia quickly supported the counter-revolution in Egypt, Libya and built a strategic Alliance with the butcher of Syria Bashar al-Assad, becoming, thus, the messenger of death to the Syrian people. It is no secret that the dirty role played by Russia in Syria, supporting Assad and his ally Iran. Russia is the biggest ally of Iran, the author of the Persian expansionist project, the first natural enemy of any pan-Arab project. Instead of speak out against these adventurers and liars from the nationalists to protect their brothers in Arabism, they destroyed everywhere from Iran and Russia. We find those who hate Islam among the allies of criminals and counterrevolutionaries, narikawa Putin the Savior.


May we see the scope section of our Arab homeland into two parts. First, the Arab and Islamic part of the camp who believe that the unity of the Arabs do not materialize in anything, except as part of the entity of the Ummah. As the Islamic civilization project is the only project that is able to find valid alternatives, which we will be able to resist the thoughts of separation and fragmentation, which were planted in us the old and the new occupation. They are the true protagonists of the revolutions of the “Arab spring”.

The second part is a secular and nationalist camp, uniting their followers are openly hostile to Islam teacher, Sati al-Husri. In the hands of these people the nationalist projects of unity turned into projects to support section under the banner of independence and national sovereignty. Instead of fighting for the demolition of borders, they have their watchmen and guards, calling it the protection of national security of each country individually. This second camp was the enemy for the first. The goal of the second camp were consistent with all those who are destroying the region, led by America, Israel, Iran, and also Russia, whose role needs to be revised. Maybe now she became the most powerful of all the enemies of the Arab world.