Something to please mom on mother’s Day


Something to please mom on mother’s Day

Create the opportunity to devote more time to those things that are pleasing

Irina Maeva

Today, 15:30

Each of us would like to spend more time with family. Especially to my mom – because there is nearer and dearer person. And, of course, I would like to make her life more comfortable and convenient that she didn’t spend all day on Laundry, cooking and cleaning, and could devote more time to those things that really encouraging. Because the modern mother is not only the mistress in your house, but also a successful lady at work. In such circumstances, free time it getting smaller.

Fortunately, we live in the twenty-first century and to help the women come in all sorts of electronic gadgets. Undoubtedly, you can bring to contracts of all household members. But much nicer to spend time together on a walk, watching a series or family dinner.

If you make a rating of the complexity of women’s household chores, in the first place is, of course, Laundry. Fortunately, modern manufacturers of washing machines greatly facilitated this process. Appliances store Eldorado presents a wide range of machines, which, in addition to the standard modes, there is also the function of drying. For example, the SAMSUNG WD90N74LNOA/UA with the QuickDrive technology reduces the operating time to 50% and power consumption by up to 20%. If you have forgotten something “to throw in the wash”, then add the right thing at any time using the door Add Wash. The process of washing and drying takes only 3 hours. A very important function in terms of the quarantine, the disinfection of clothes and bed linen. To do this, the machine provides the Air Was. And the hot air eliminates all unpleasant odors, bacteria and allergens.

The second is the cleaning of the apartment, because now it is important to regularly maintain cleanliness in the house. To help the hosts come vacuum cleaner with function of wet cleaning. One of the market leaders KARCHER has released a model FC 5 Cordless Premium, which not only provides easy wet cleaning, but easily collects dry debris and hair. Independence from power sockets due to the powerful lithium-ion battery enables to avoid confusion in the wires. And thanks to the competitive balance of moisture after cleaning floors dry for 2 minutes.

Not superfluous will be a trendy gadget as robot vacuum cleaner. Especially if you have a pet. For example, the XIAOMI RoboRock S652 model Vacuum Cleaner ensure effective cleaning, and a set of built-in sensors allow him to determine the distance to objects and walls, automatically changing fan speed and power work. To manage the device via smartphone as an app. The vacuum cleaner is quiet, and you won’t even notice it in the apartment, in contrast to the clean floor.

The third place of “time-eaters” is cooking. Modern kitchen gadgets allow to turn the process of routine duties in the present work. And leaders, rightly, considered multivarki-pressure cookers, which accelerate the process of cooking twice. For example, the model REDMOND RMC-P470 has 13 automatic programs: you only lay your desired ingredients and select a program. No turns, turned over and vigils “that is not burnt”. And with the function of “Masterchef Lite” you can customize the cooking process in slow cooker mode to personal preferences, changing the temperature and cooking time.

The aroma of baking is always associated with a house cosiness. Therefore, for moms and grandmothers who love to host at the plate, the most optimal variant – oven with steam function, since high humidity promotes better and more even the dough rise. In addition, this function is also ideal when you need to reheat the dish, keeping it juicy.

Not extra in the kitchen would varochnaya surface, preset programs which will greatly facilitate the cooking. Automatic programs will allow you to quickly set the power of heating and to optimize the process of cooking. Temperature 42°C, perfect for melting butter or chocolate, 70°C – for heating soups and sauces, and 94°C – for cooking pasta and cereals.

If you think of what to please the modern mom on mother’s Day, make no mistake: the purchase of an electronic household assistant – one hundred percent hit. Care is manifested not only in regular phone calls and meetings. But in how you value women’s work. After all, it creates an invisible but necessary comfort in the family.