Implications of quarantine: Sergey Pritula admitted, the unhappy

Implications of quarantine: Sergey Pritula admitted, the unhappy

Showman couple of months have not been to a Barber

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 15:33

The quarantine lasts for almost two months, and all this time, “Sravi way” on TV channel “Ukraine” shows how our celebrities usefully spend time in isolation. Today in category “Star quarantined” – Ukrainian showman and TV presenter Sergei Prytula.

Ukrainian artist holds quarantine with his wife and daughter. Even at home Sergei doesn’t waste any time and continues to do volunteer work – helping the army and doctors. Working on his television projects and got himself a YouTube channel.

“It’s exclusively already the territory of my thoughts. My reasons and experiences that I want to speak to my audience”, – says Sergey.

For almost two months quarantine Prytula read a dozen books, mostly on military subjects: “I will Now read the war of Ukraine against Soviet Russia. That is something that I don’t have enough time, now I found the time”.

The only thing not happy showman is their appearance – or rather, hair. Says that the hairdresser was a couple of months ago and just recently got himself a haircut, “But it’s the little things! The main thing that all was well.”

This Ukrainian singer Vitaly Kozlovsky showed the program “Sravi way”, what does the quarantine and how to build a press at home.