Russia tried to block the PACE of the Ukrainian report on armed aggression

Member of the Ukrainian delegation Jasko told what happened to the PACE

The struggle continues at PACE. Russia in the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe tried to block the report of the Ukrainian delegation on the armed aggression and its impact on the environment. But the document was still maintained, despite resistance by the Russian delegation member Peter Tolstoy. This was told in the Facebook head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine to PACE, MP Elizabeth Jasko.

She explained that the Bureau and the standing Committee of the PACE generally claim support for the initiatives of reports, resolutions.

“The Ukrainian delegation at the January session filed several such “Mochenov”. Two of them (women’s rights and the environmental damage due to armed aggression), the Ukrainian delegation received the approval and recommendation of the Bureau and the standing Committee for submission to the committees to create the report” – said Jasko.

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The Deputy noted that the member of the Russian delegation Peter Tolstoy protested this and believes that the report on the armed aggression should not be considered at this time.

“Despite this, the Bureau is approved. How it works: first, the Bureau approves, then the standing Committee looking at the decision of the Bureau and also endorses it. As a rule, the standing Committee endorses what was on the Desk. But this time, the standing Committee protested “motion”, which was endorsed by the Bureau – the “motion” referred to armed aggression and the damage that causes this aggression to the environment … still, we got the support of the majority of the members of the standing Committee supported the “motion” of the Ukrainian delegation,” – said the head of the permanent delegation of Ukraine in PACE.

As reported “Today”, in Strasbourg (France) during the winter session of the Assembly had finally approved the credentials of the Russian delegation. But was positive for Ukraine – PACE officially recognized Russia as a party to the Minsk agreementsand called on Moscow to stop its aggression against Ukraine and to return the captured territory.