Military Times (USA): I have been ill with the coronavirus will not take the United States army

While the U.S. Department of defense is trying to formulate a plan of action in connection with the pandemic coronavirus infection and its possible adverse consequences, points of registration of persons for military service has already begun to work in accordance with the new regulations, which relate to the enlistment of those who had covid-19.

If the history of the applicant is covid-19, it is declared unfit for service in the U.S. army. Recently they tweeted a scan of the memo, specifically released for recruiting. “Identified in the medical history or during the examination сovid-19, confirmed by laboratory test or physician diagnosis, is cause for permanent suspension,” reads the memo.

The official representative of the Pentagon Jessica Maxwell (Jessica Maxwell) has confirmed the authenticity of this memo in an interview with Military Times.

In the memo to staff recruiting recruits contains instructions about how to deal with those applicants who may be infected with coronavirus, or already had them. For a start, at all points of the recruitment screening including measurement of body temperature and detailed questions about the symptoms and possible contact with an infected person.

According to the memo, if the applicant passes this screening, he will not do a test on covid-19, however, he will be able to return to recruiting after 14 days in the event that if he doesn’t have the symptoms of the disease. Anyone who was diagnosed covid-19 you will have to wait 28 days before reporting this to the point of recruitment.

Diagnosis covid-19 is the reason for “permanent disqualification” recruit. If you have any conditions that entail permanent disqualification, including covid-19 in history, the recruits can petition that they were allowed to perform military service as an exception. However, in the absence of any instructions about possible exceptions for those who had covid-19, the Commission will not be grounds for reconsideration of the decision on the disqualification.

Maxwell refused to explain why, in contrast to other viral nechanicky diseases, which do not affect the service in the army, the diagnosis covid-19 is grounds for permanent disqualification.

However, because the virus covid-19 yet not well understood, most likely, there are several factors that military doctors while just trying to clarify before take service in the army of those who had been ill. They’re trying to figure out whether the damage caused by the virus of the respiratory system, long-term or permanent, and whether it can somehow be measured; what is the likelihood of recurrence, even in cases when two consecutively made test was negative; what is the probability that we recover covid-19 are not developed immunity, resulting in repeated infection of the disease will leak more severe and cause more serious complications.

The decision not to proceed to the army of people who recover from cov that was made before the influx of potential recruits in the summer and autumn of this year.

Over the past few weeks, 100% of new recruits have passed tests for covid-19 before the beginning of military training. While outbreaks of coronavirus infection were recorded in Fort Jackson, South Carolina, and marine corps recruit depot marine corps in San Diego, the largest items of initial training upon entering military service in the United States.