Ukrainka died after childbirth in Poland, her child was found in a well

Polish law enforcement authorities are investigating a terrible case of a young woman from Ukraine

In Poland, where the Ukrainian was given 8 years in prison for trying to kill her newborn baby, there was a similar incident that resulted in the death of both mother and baby.

As reported gostynin24, may 5 at the farm in the village of Kijev (Masovian Voivodeship) found the body of a newborn – it long time was in the well.

Investigators believe that a child is born 25-year-old Ukrainian who came to Poland to work. The woman lived in one room with her mother, but she says she knew nothing about the pregnancy of her daughter.

A week and a half ago alleged mother died on the farm from blood loss.

We will remind, earlier in Gdansk, Poland, was another glaring case of 11-year-old Ukrainian girl gave birth to a child. She came to Poland with her mother a few months before that, on the facts and the testimony of the mother it is possible to judge that the child was pregnant back in Ukraine.

And in January near the Polish town of Hrubieszow , two Ukrainians killed 26-year-old compatriot, which required them to repay the debt. The court sentenced them each to 25 years in prison.

What’s life like for Ukrainian migrant workers in Poland watch the video: