Jokes, jokes and jokes on April 1

The feast of laughter is around the corner – in two weeks you can easily become a “victim” of the prank. Not to be out of work, prepare yourself a few jokes, jokes and jokes for your friends and loved ones.

To your attention six jokes on April 1 from

A tube of toothpaste or shower

In a tube of toothpaste can be pumped to the sour cream. And the shower in the bathroom is directed to the potential victim and the mixer is switched on the shower.

Saucepan with water

In a saucepan filled with water, closed at the top sheet of paper is turned upside down, placed on flat floor, or even better the table, the paper is pulled out. Water did not flow. One of the family members sees the derelict obstructing the pan and lifts with a clear result.

Alternatively, instead of pots is taken liter glass jar for 3-5 and put where it will interfere with a potential victim that sees water and just have to wrestle with how to treat the smallest victims.

At the table

Family meals put to one family member under the cloth into a small flat magnet. And on the tablecloth, as expected, Cutlery. Funny happens when people try to take the spoon/ fork/knife. Importantly, beside the man stood a plate of hot soup, because it can easily result.

How to joke on April 1 at the school

On a sheet of paper is printed the following text: “In connection with the water supply break school 01.04.2014 will not. Older students (9-11) to appear before 10.00 am in working clothes with buckets and rags. Administration. “This ad is firmly attached to the front door.

Drawing on the lesson

Write the lesson with a note saying: “ceiling MOP” and tell the neighbor on the Desk. Tell him to after reading passed the note on. The effect will be wonderful when everyone has read the note, will look for a MOP on the ceiling, and with them and the teacher.

How to make a joke over the phone on April 1

Call someone and ask not to answer phone calls within ten minutes as the line attendant and it electrocutes you. After a few minutes, call back at the same number, and if you pick up the phone emit a bloodcurdling scream.

Meanwhile, the world is celebrating a Day of happiness. The website “Today,” found history