TOP 10 interesting facts about the Farm in his birthday

TOP 10 interesting facts about the Farm in his birthday

May 8, the Ukrainian actor turns 39 today

Anastasia Ocheretnyuk

Today, 08:00

Ukrainian producer, author, singer, composer and showman Potap today, 8 may, marks the 39th birthday. Over the past 14 years the farm has become a very popular actor and a successful producer, but still married his colleague across the stage – Nastya Kamensky.

Today.Lifestyle has prepared the TOP 10 interesting facts about Alexey Potapenko.

  • The future artist began to write in 13 years.
  • The first group Potap created in 1997.
  • Potap – master of sports in water Polo.
  • Now sports hobby Alexei – basketball. The rapper several times a week attends basketball and even introduces him to relatives and friends, among them many stars of Ukrainian show-business.

Rapper Potap Photo:

  • Alexey has two higher educations: physical education teacher and coach water Polo and swimming, as well as master of science in Economics, entrepreneurship and auditing.
  • During his College years he played in the KVN team.
  • The farm has several tattoos: the words “Kyiv”, the name of the father and the son “Andrew”, the words “White shark” in Latin and “Potap and Nastya”.

Ukrainian artist Alexey Potapenko Photo:

  • In the family Potap has an interesting tradition – to call the boys in turn by the names of Andrew and Alex.
  • Potap taught at the school, where he studied the ex-soloist of group “VIA Gra” Santa Dimopoulos. Her classmates even threatened Captain to kill him if he didn’t stop to look at her.
  • The song “chumachechaya spring” Potapov wrote in just eight minutes.

We will remind that on may 6, his birthday, celebrated singer and wife Potap – Nastya Kamensky. The artist in honor of the holiday devoted NK touching lines which he composed himself.