“Game of thrones” harmful and it is harmful for you

I used to watch “Game of thrones”. And then I realized that she was endangering my immortal soul.

“Game of thrones” is undoubtedly the most famous and favorite show on television. But this popular HBO series of the fantasy genre, which on Sunday will return to screens with season seven, not a drama for adults. It’s not even a soap Opera. It is exceptionally cruel magical porn, magical and boring porn. Look you 20 years ago — would quickly be behind bars.

Incredibly not what “Game of thrones” exists, or that it’s a huge number of fans who every week with gusto and enthusiasm to relish the new episodes, write multi-page treatises about what will happen next season with their favorite dwarf princes and taming trolls, and obsessively read all four thousand pages of the extant volumes of George Martin, which formed the basis of the picture. (In Sweden there is a couple who read the novels so many times that Martin pays her a fee for the reminder about the sex of the horse of a hero, and other details that are certainly of world-historical importance. These people admitted that they met when played on the Internet role-playing computer game based on Lord of the rings. Can you imagine that?) But to computer geeks should be treated leniently.

It is incredible that the last season has attracted some 23 million viewers, mostly adults, who likely people are sociable, emotionally balanced and regularly pay taxes to the Treasury of our GDP.

Pop culture in the English speaking world caught in the grip of a spiral of death, which pulls us to the bottom of the efforts of such freaks. Outside the theater of intellectual cinema in our major cities is almost impossible to find a decent movie that is not a redesigned version of comic 20 – or 30-year-old leprousy each other men in rubber suits. The average player in video games over the age of 30. The majority of Americans at the age from 23 to 40 years old were most likely to read only one book, the name of which not starts with “Harry Potter and…” — and this is a tale about talking animals that they had homework in elementary school. It’s that bad.

How could this happen? Apparently, there is a problem suggestions, because people can watch only movies and TV programs that are shot. But the offer doesn’t exist without demand. Occurs the inescapable feeling that the old problems that were the hallmark of social genre and drama, such as questions of morality, behavior, marriage and money, just uninteresting people who are emotionally matured enough to solve them, or at least consideration. And I think this group is every year becoming more numerous due to spending their dollars and consuming media content Americans. In terms of feelings and emotions we are a nation of adolescents, although sexually excited generous liberties.

But the real problem, “Game of thrones” is not that she is basically infantile, like most American pop culture. The problem is its obscenity. It’s not just harmful and bad art. It is an art that is extremely harmful for you.

This understanding came to me last year. My wife went to sleep and I was awake, just finished to look at his laptop the penultimate episode of the sixth season. And here I was enlightened.

Oh, my God. I just spent the last hour watching a guy who raped a teenage girl, threatening her with a bow and arrows, going to eat alive animals over which he was in previous seasons, mocked with such ferocity that Freddy Krueger in the background look nice with pink bows, and thought, if not beaten him half to death in the blistering cold half-brother of the victim. Thank God that wasn’t there a guy on pyromaniacal ecstasy brought his terminally ill daughter in sacrifice to the pagan deity at the direction of the witches, which always seems to be naked. He could not prevent the administration of justice, as it just killed the woman, whose dimensions often make it the subject of lustful ridicule. And another good thing is that she has a wealthy patron with ties in the face of the armed knight, from whom even in childhood appeared hobby is to kill people and sleep with his sister, the Queen, and once he does that in the Church right next to the corpse of one of the unrecognized their sons. With him we meet when he throws the little brother of the aforementioned rape victim from the window in order to hide his incest from her drunken, prostitutes loving husband, who is also the home life. Almighty God made me in his image and likeness, endowed me with a mind, feelings, and gave me free will, so next week I could turn on the TV and see who will burn regnant sister deft duelist: my daughter and her entire extended family, or just a bunch of priests. Hallelujah!

What all this says about our culture and about the condition of souls of millions of people involved in this nightmare? It can not be called even fun, and certainly a laudable triumph of creative human energy. How to analyze endlessly? How to build guesses and assumptions? Half a century ago, when our absurdly soft laws on obscenity from time to time performed, such a show could not even conceive, much less to remove for a lot of money, and then show.

One of the most persistent liberal myth is that art has no moral content, that reading, viewing and listening by themselves do not carry any evil. This is true only in the case that art has the ability to affect us and change us for the better. It is possible to believe only if we believe that all art is essentially meaningless, and people — insensitive consumers of random information. This number of executions, rape, puncturing the eye and related copulations can watch only as long as you don’t throw up from disgust at the screen, or until you decide: “Yes, it’s garbage, and not worth it my feelings”. In the latter case, this film can hardly be called a convincing victory of the human spirit.

“Game of thrones” reminds us that in theological terms, the boredom and desperation are synonymous.