Asharq Al-Awsat (Saudi Arabia): conspiracy theory and a race to find a vaccine

While the world is feverishly struggling with new virus and is making every effort to create a vaccine, there are various conspiracy theories that find their advocates in social networks. The strange thing is that I have seen on this background is a video, which the authors claim that the pandemic was planned by international elite that wants to control all of humanity. In their view, the coronavirus that affected over 3.7 million people worldwide and claimed the lives of around 258 thousand, was established with the goal to convince people to agree to mass chip implantation as a means to control the lives of citizens.

This virtual chip called ID 2020, according to the video, will keep all your personal information including medical and banking information, and transmit signals similar to a mobile phone. It will track all movement and also be used to collect and analyze information about all your illnesses and visits to medical institutions. As suggested by the conspiracy theorists, the chip will send signals to our brain and monitor nervous system, as the elite want to control society and turn the person into a kind of robot.

Surprisingly, this theory resonates in some circles that seem to believe that the pandemic was planned by the elite that wants to rule the world and implement their own agenda, or governments that use this situation to convince people to set the phone to a special application or settle for chipping for further tracking of their movements.

Of course, there are other theories. According to one of them, the virus was created in a lab in Wuhan, China, and currently this hypothesis is being actively discussed in the framework of increasing U.S.-China conflict. It strongly supports President Donald trump, noting that the source of the virus is the Chinese lab. Meanwhile, Beijing accused of creating the virus, the United States, saying U.S. agents may deliberately brought him to Wuhan, and later became the first hotbed of the epidemic.

This atmosphere, in particular, tensions between the United States and China, a concern of scientists. According to the latter, this is contrary to the efforts of international cooperation, the study of the novel coronavirus and collect the necessary information for treatment and vaccine production. In this regard, all disappointed the administration’s refusal trump to participate in a video conference held on Monday with the participation of leaders of several countries and organizations. Their goal is to unite efforts to develop antiviral vaccines that will be available around the world, not only rich and industrialized countries. The summit has promised to build 8.2 billion and sponsors are governments, the private sector and the rich citizens who support these measures. They plan to Finance research activities for the development of treatment and vaccine against the new coronavirus, as well as the production of medicines and vaccines for all countries.

It was assumed that the United States will join this collaboration, but trump, as usual, decided to act independently, according to all known slogan “America first”, which received even greater approval of the authorities during a pandemic. She looked confused country that does not care about its international obligations, especially due to the suspension of financing for who and refusal to participate in international cooperation in the fight against the pandemic and the development of treatment and vaccines. The us administration behaves as if it wants to win the race for a vaccine, wanting to extract from his championship of political, financial and electoral advantage, refusing to look at the situation as a Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Last, he said: “the Race for the search for a vaccine to combat this virus is not a competition between countries, and the urgent common task of our lives.”

Experts will surely recognize the importance of coordinating international efforts and cooperation in the study of the virus, which will accelerate the search for a vaccine. Independent efforts are also important, but they do not guarantee access to the vaccine, as it was with other viruses. Even if one of the countries will create it, first you will need to test the vaccine to ensure its effectiveness and safety.

According to the world health organization, currently, eight people are testing vaccines, and a further 94 are still under development. In addition, countries are working to manufacture antiviral drugs or use the drugs that are already on the market such as Remdesivir. Latest used in the treatment of Ebola and, as stated, his method helped to accelerate the recovery of patients with coronavirus. However, scientists still insist that we should not expect rapid emergence of the vaccine. According to them, its establishment will require 12-18 months.

The only way that can help to accelerate the pace, the study of the virus and the collection of an increasing amount of information, which involves cooperation with China, which began the pandemic, and other countries, to understand how it is changing under the influence of genetic, demographic, age and climatic factors.

Scientists confusing that some regions of the virus has infected more heavily than others. In addition, they can be infected all age groups, but also to varying degrees. For example, young people showed a greater resistance to coronavirus, but according to research, in some countries they became infected more frequently, but with less severe symptoms. As regards the impact on the elderly, whose immune system is clearly weaker, the situation is also ambiguous. In Japan, where the highest percentage of elderly people, died only 566 people, and in Italy, where most elderly people in Europe, the total number of deaths is more than 29 000 people.

A similar situation was with the children. If at first they are much less likely to have sick covid-19, recently in Britain and America cases of infection among children have increased that concern.

There are many other factors, information on the impact of which is extremely important for scientists wishing to explore the virus. Among them, the influence of social habits on the route of infection, such as, for example, greetings in the countries of the southern Mediterranean, while the greeting in Asian countries such as India, Japan and Thailand, usually physical contact is not happening. Another issue that should be explored is why the disease is spreading fast in European countries and, for example, in the United States, while in Africa the situation is completely different.

The availability of information about the virus is key to his understanding and, therefore, will help scientists to invent faster all wishing for the vaccine. They fear that in the absence of effective treatment and vaccines can occur a second wave of the pandemic, similar to what happened in Spain. Then, in the summer of 1918 it seemed that the epidemic has receded, but the fall of the second wave, which lasted until the spring of next year. The probability of such developments should also encourage States to combine efforts and resources in the fight against the greatest threat to humanity, and this is a coronavirus, not the supposed plans of the elites, which they say the conspiracy theorists.