Elon Musk: when my son will become the Emperor of Mars, you will not be laughing (News Thump, United Kingdom)

Those who now laugh at Elon Musk, who called the newborn son of X Æ A-12, you will be sorry in thirty years, when they will enslave its atomic space legions, predicted this morning, the Musk.

The unusual name caused a lot of gossip: on the birth certificate or driver’s license looks weird, but looks good on Board space ship at the head of the Legion of people-hawks. Musk threatens scoffers lifelong link to the plutonium mines if they don’t stop.

Rumor has it that Musk just type in your password from WiFi, but the owner promised that all will know the true meaning, when he burned the name into the surface of the moon, a giant orbital laser.

A new father said that to give children ridiculous names like Anakin, Min or Donald stupid, because on them will be severely bullied in school. According to him, then grow from such horror on a galactic scale with wounded pride.

“Every parent hopes for children, and I am no exception — confessed Musk from its “Zeppelin”, which is stuck in an unknown place. Someone wants their children to become doctors or presidents, but I want my steel despots of Jupiter and the lords of the Venusian hordes”.

“From his temple-Palace at the top of the Martian Olympus my son will rule the entire Solar system, and people will say, “Hey, X Æ A-12-then — well done, although parents got crazy and the name is a mouthful””.