Spring frosts hit the crop in Ukraine – expert

Because late-spring frosts and virtually no precipitation in April-may this harvest will be significantly weaker compared to the previous year. This subsidiesto agricultural production LNZ Grour Roman Franchuk, the press service of the company.

According to him, the catastrophic situation in this year happened at a fruit market. Due to abnormal weather in early may almarza 90% color of strawberry, 80% of sweet cherry.

In the grain market, the situation is much better. But the crop the us will still be weaker than last year.

“The harvest will be less, but it will. Later sown crops are generally not affected, slightly affected early. For example, the cold hardly touched the sunflower, are more affected wheat and maize. These cultures, of course, not gone completely, but frozen. The yield will be, but it is not critical”, — said Franchuk.

Also, according to him, this year not only the freeze has created problems to farmers. The lack of rainfall and cool temperatures in late spring caused a delay in the vegetation period of plants. However, the slowdown will still be able to offset during the year.

Earlier experts warned that the may frosts will hit the price of fruits and berries in Ukraine. Yet even domestic fruits sell mostly at prices imported.