The tests of the Ukrainian drug against coronavirus: new details

The drug will be checked in the form of a solution for infusions

/ Photo: Getty Images

The Ministry of health allowed testing of the drug from the coronavirus COVID-19 in the five hospitals. The corresponding order was signed by the Minister of health, Maxim Stepanov.

“To permit clinical trials of drugs intended for the implementation of activities aimed at prevention of emergence and spread, localisation and elimination of coronavirus disease (COVID-19)”, – the document says.

According to the document posted on the Agency’s website, the drug “Bioven” will be checked as a solution for infusion. To control the order of execution will be the Deputy head of the Ministry of health Irina Mikituk.

In addition, it is reported that the study will hold in five hospitals in different regions of Ukraine:

  • Kyiv hospital №17 (Department of anesthesiology and intensive care);
  • Kiev hospital №4 (Department of anaesthesiology and intensive therapy);
  • Belotserkovsky hospital №3 (3-e infectious diseases Department);
  • Lviv regional infectious disease hospital (Department of reanimation and intensive therapy);
  • Odessa hospital of infectious diseases (box ward No. 10).

Earlier in the President’s Office said that Ukrainian scientists have begun a clinical trial of domestic drug against COVID-19. According to the preliminary findings of scientists and producers, the Ukrainian drug can significantly reduce or completely neutralize the threat of death from complications that it causes in the human coronavirus infection. In addition, the possibility of complex use of this tool for the treatment of coronavirus disease, and for disease prevention.

Recall, Russian President Vladimir Zelensky previously promised a million dollars to someone who will invent a vaccine against coronavirus.