Global Firepower (USA): the Ukrainian army has risen in the world rankings

The armed forces of Ukraine improved position in international ranking Global Firepower that characterizes military power of States, the report published by the organization.

The results of the annual review, the experts of GFP has put APU on the 27th place among 138 countries. According to the results of the previous review, the Ukrainian army occupied the 29th place among 137 countries.

The study evaluated more than 50 parameters, including weapons, troops, equipment size, transport infrastructure, military budget, etc.

The rankings do not reflect combat experience of the army. However, in the review, the experts of the GFP note that due to the ongoing armed conflict in the East of the country Ukrainian army continues to improve its defenses.

As reported, the APU received from Kharkov new batch of BTR-4E. All five of the newest BTR-4E was taken to the military selection Committee and has served in a military unit.

Ukraine has also risen in the world ranking of military spending by 6 positions and occupies the 35th place in the world.