Diary (Bulgaria): Moscow advised Russians not to travel abroad

At the meeting of the coordinating Council on coronavirus Mishustin said that from June 1 Russia will open a medical sanatorium, and in the next step of lifting the restrictions will open the resorts. In practice, the proposal of the Russian government for the Russians to give up your holiday overseas means that the Bulgarian Black sea coast can forget about tourists from Russia. Also affected tourism in Turkey and Greece.

17 may Anna Popova, head of Rospotrebnadzor, said that it is necessary to monitor the dynamics of coronavirus in the next two weeks to comment on the prospects of the tourist season on the Russian resorts. The next day, Zarina doguzova, head of the Federal tourism Agency, announced that the phasing out of quarantine will begin on June 1 and that “we are very optimistic about the season.”

Stay in the Russian sanatoria will occur in accordance with the recommendations of the authorities. Guests must reside one in the room (except family members), group treatments are prohibited, the medical services will be provided upon pre-registration to avoid the crowds. Food will be in the rooms or in cafes and restaurants, but maintaining the distance, i.e. 1 person at the table (with the exception of family).



Many countries advise their citizens not to spend their holidays abroad. In some countries even allowed is that we need to support domestic tourism to keep our citizens lost their jobs and overloading the social system of the country.


Bulgaria it should not confuse, because here the Russians have the flat. And they will probably come to visit in the summer. As they say in Russia: “chicken is not a bird, Bulgaria — not abroad”.


Such advice not only gives the Russian government. How to them will listen tour operators — is another question.


“Advised”?! Comrades have locked passport… “Advised”?! Dear mom…


Game Over. No Russian, no season. All the others who come here, almost all the homeless, and for them it makes no sense to open stores, water parks, restaurants, etc.


Totally agree with the fact that they remained there. Looking at their dizzying statistics are infected, better let it sit in quarantine.


Russian tourists will be missed only in those hotels where hoping for a bigger routine, without offering any quality…


Of course! Their foreign Minister openly stated that traveling by plane is only for rich people.


Now you understand how far-reaching was Putin stealing Crimea that the Russians were able to go to the sea during the epidemic.


I agree with Mishustin. It may even a song to sing:

Broad is my native land,
There are many forests, fields and rivers!
I no other country I know
Where man can breathe so freely.